Government funds UWL research to protect Internet of Things

Vital research by UWL which promises to help protect millions of household items linked to the internet across the UK, has won two lots of financial backing.

Academic specialists in the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre (CCC) at London’s leading modern university are developing new security tools needed to tackle the threat posed by cyber-attacks which target the ‘Internet of Things’ – everyday items with an internet connection.

Now the work by Professsor Jonathan Loo and Dr. Junaid Arshad has been bolstered by grants totalling £26,000 from Innovate UK and the Department of Culture Media and Sport’s Cybersecurity Academic Startup, recognising the important public interest of this area of research.

Recent events illustrate why this research by UWL is needed. In 2016, hackers took over more than 2.5million devices without their owners’ consent, using them to launch sophisticated cyber-attacks aimed at degrading infrastructure technology relied upon by millions of people as part of everyday life.

The CCC’s work is part of the University’s commitment to high-quality academic research which has genuine social use, such as protecting national and international infrastructures from criminal gangs or hostile state actors.

The funding comes soon after the CCC won a nomination for a security industry award for the outstanding quality of education provided to PhD student on UWL’s Doctorate training programme. These milestones attest to the outstanding contribution the Centre is making in the areas cybersecurity research and education.

Commenting on the financial backing from the Government, Professor Jonathan Loo of the CCC said: ‘This investment is an endorsement of the valuable work which UWL produces in this important field. In view of the extraordinary proliferation of Internet of Things devices we are seeing today, it is vital to develop technologies which deliver protection by deterring cyber adversaries.’

Dr. Junaid Arshad and Prof. Jonathan Loo of the Cybersecurity and Criminology Centre at UWL

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