Media spotlight on London College of Music composer's new work

Antonio Castells-Delgado

Music composed by a talented UWL academic who was inspired by research Jo Cox MP was doing when she was tragically killed, has caught the attention of national media ahead of its UK premiere, next month.

Music technology lecturer and neo-classical composer Antonio Castells-Delgado - who teaches at London College of Music (LCM) - has created a work blending classical and electronic sounds, which explores the apparent paradox of loneliness in today's hyper-connected society.

Named Hhumann X, he began the project after reading research Labour MP Jo Cox commissioned for a report eventually published after her death in 2016, entitled ‘Combatting Loneliness one conversation at a time.’

Check out the story which The Telegraph has published about music composed by Antonio Castells-Delgado, inspired by Jo Cox MP's report on loneliness. 

Explaining his creative inspiration, Antonio said: ‘Jo Cox's report prompted me to reflect on the paradox that, at a time when technology - and social media in particular - enable a state of hyper-connection between us, loneliness and social isolation grow to epidemic levels. Her contribution to raising awareness of this issue was fundamental.’​

Hhumann X will premiere on October 20 at LSO St Luke’s, one of the foremost centres of art and culture in London. The day before, it showcases at Weston Hall, in UWL’s Ealing campus site. Performances will involve four LCM students and graduates whom Antonio taught. Two are to play electronic instruments, while two shall capture the show on video.

‘As an academic and composer, it’s important for me to be active and push the limits of my ability and I strive to bring that into the classroom,’ Antonio said. ‘It’s not simple to mix classical and electronics in a seamless way, and Hhumann X is a particularly complex project, both artistically and technologically. For the students, it’s an opportunity for them to understand how real productions work and to interact with world class musicians and artists at a world class venue.'

Hhumann X has been praised by ​Jox Cox's parliamentary colleague, who continued the Labour MP's investigation on the impact of loneliness in the wake of her assassination. Conservative MP Seema Kennedy told The Telegraph: 'Jo Cox was an inspiration to those around her. I am delighted to see music, which can be so powerful for lonely people, has been inspired by our work. I look forward to listening to it.'

Antonio Castells-Delgado teaching the generation of talent at London College of Music

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