Population time-bomb tackled by UWL Professor at public lecture

Prof. Hafiz Khan

The challenges of ensuring a high quality of life for people in an ageing society was addressed at a prescient professorial public lecture by UWL academic, Professor Hafiz Khan, BSc, MSc, PhD.

As part of the University’s public lecture series tackling pressing public-interest issues, Professor Khan gave a presentation on ‘Population ageing in a globalised world: Risks and dilemmas,’ and answered questions from the audience.

Speaking after the event, Prof. Khan said: ‘the interaction with the audience was interesting and they clearly found the lecture topical. Ageing is the main issue we are facing in today’s society, so it is important that people have an understanding of what is unfolding’.

Lengthening lifespans is a global trend but the impact is not spread equally across societies. Developing countries are likely to face more challenges than developed countries in the years to come, warned Professor Khan, who specialises in public health and demography, harnessing the power of statistics in his work.

UWL's public lecture was timely because of the scale of change the demographic time-bomb is poised to unleash. The 21st century has been described as the first in human history in which the world will no longer be young, causing drastic changes in areas of finance, demographics, social attitudes and adult social care support.

Professor Khan is a member of the University’s Graduate School where in addition to other works he also supports statistics advice and consultancy services. Current research by him includes the effect of obesity on health and wellbeing among older adults and the health of senior citizens who live alone in the UK.

(l-r) Prof Anthony Woodman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hafiz Khan, Prof. Joelle Fanghanel, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter John, Vice-Chancellor

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