Reaching new frontiers

Mr Adiel Mambara
Mr Mambra graduated with us in 2012.

Last month, part-time CLBS students and alumni celebrated their success in a one day event, held at our Brentford site.

The event was embraced by one of our proud alumni and honorary guest speaker, Mr Adiel Mambara, Country Manager UK and Ireland, Royal Brunei Airlines. Mr Mambra successfully graduated in 2012 and was a star student on our part-time Business Studies with Marketing course.

The event’s other big attraction was Mr Somnath Biswas CEO, Hashblu, an alumnus of Harvard University. Somnath has two patents to his name and prides himself on being a curious mind. He is a member of Mensa, a passionate business leader and in pursuit of the next inflection point in the digital ecosystem, with simplicity as the ultimate goal.

The key highlights of the day were:

  • Celebrating 100% NSS satisfaction in 2015-16
  • Four of our star students have published articles in International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management. Details of these are below.

Federico Mentegari, SMEs’ Growth and Development: Financial Stock Market Perspective (SMES and financial aspects)

Nora Kelmendi, Assessing the Impact of Motivation on Student Retention: the Case of University of West London (Motivation and Educational Sector)

Jordi Chaparro, Management Styles and its Effect On organisational Performance: A leadership Perspective (Leadership and organisational studies)

Josh Albright, Investigating Key Factors Influencing Brand Loyalty within UK’s Motorcycle Market: A Culture Perspective (Branding and cultural aspects)

This event marked the start of the new frontiers here at CLBS, especially with regards to part-time students. Strong connections with our alumni, coupled with career aspirations, will inspire our current students to achieve good results.

Mr Adiel Mambara commented on the day:

It was a great honour coming back to UWL in a different capacity. The event was well organised in terms of the structure and programme of events. The fact that I had attended UWL and was a alumni member made my presence as honorary guest speaker very powerful and worthwhile for the students. For me, it gave me a sense of achievement that I was able to share my experiences on both levels, that of a student and how I have progressed so far in my career. In fact I've received many personal messages from the students highlighting how my talk has inspired them, and at the same time, gaining over 10 contacts on LinkedIn who I hope to influence and assist moving forward.

Mr Somnath Biswas CEO, Hashblu also commented:

The students are very well connected with the industry so it must definitely lend a very grounded and execution oriented flavour to the course. This was evident to me, not just by the diversity of the topics covered; but also in the depth of the research, and importantly in the practicality of the recommendations proposed in all the papers. I came back well impressed, with the entire ecosystem.

Group shot from the day