Trends fuelling 'golden age' for hotels revealed by UWL Professor in new book

Copies of the new book about hotel trends by Prof. Angela Roper

New insights about competitive trends which are creating a 'golden age' of growth for the international hotel industry have been captured by a University of West London (UWL) Professor in a revealing new book which launched in central London, this week.

Senior figures from corporate hotel businesses, industry experts and members of UWL's Vice-Chancellor Executive team joined Prof. Angela Roper at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, to celebrate the publication of her book, 'Vertical Disintegration in the Corporate Hotel Industry: The End of Business as Usual’, published by Routledge.

The term 'vertical disintegration' describes how hotel chains have changed in recent years from performing by themselves all the processes involved in running their hospitality businesses, to these jobs now being done by outside companies - new players in the sector. The result is that some hotel chains have withdrawn from hotel ownership and management and today focus instead on branding, systems and franchising.

Interviews with 32 hotel executives form the basis of the book. The impact of disruptive new players in the hospitality sector such as AirBnB is also analysed. Prof. Roper provides an authoritative analysis by combining leading industry knowledge from those with access to complex data sets and her own research expertise, amassed over 30 years of studying the sector.Prof. Angela Roper

The result is an authentic and credible snapshot of the reality of the modern corporate hotel sector, with many insights from industry leaders. The book also breaks with academic tradition by attributing quotes, in contrast to the standard practice of anonymising quotes.

Arthur de Haast, Chairman of Capital Markets Boards and Hotels and Hospitality Group at JLL, contributed to Prof. Roper's research and attended the launch event. He said: 'I'm very much looking forward to reading the book in detail. The trend has had a huge influence across the whole industry and this book highlights its impact.'

Professor Roper said: 'The book has been a labour of love and it was fantastic to see senior figures from the hotel industry at the launch event, who are interested in the book’s findings. It would not have been possible to write this book without support from the University of West London and the International Centre for Hotel and Resort Management (ICHARM) donors, who provided me with the resources and the time I needed for research and writing, as well as helping me access senior figures in the industry whose contributions have been invaluable.’(l-r) James Edmunds, Dean of LGCHT, Prof. Peter John, UWL Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Angela Roper and Prof. Anthony Woodman, UWL Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The book 'Vertical Disintegration...' will appeal to those working, advising and considering investing in the sector, as well as researchers and students.

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