UWL Students Gain Valuable Digital Skills with the Cision Communications Cloud


Third-year students on the BA (Hons) Advertising and Public Relations course are gaining valuable digital skills thanks to Cision, the industry-leading provider of media intelligence. UWL students are the only advertising and public relations students in the UK who get to work with the software as a part of their coursework. With the tools provided by Cision, students are producing media lists, influencer insights, and more for the live briefs they work on.

Alison Williams, Account Director - Premium Accounts and industry advisor to the UWL advertising and public relations course stated, ‘More than ever before, graduates need to have experience working with the digital tools that we use in industry. We are delighted to partner with the course to give students exposure to the Cision Communications Cloud.’

Course leader for the BA (Hons) Advertising and Public Relations course, Kristin Brewe, commented, ‘Because UWL is the careers university, practical digital experience like this is core to our advertising and PR course. Visionary companies like Cision make it possible for students to gain essential skills before they graduate, and we value their partnership tremendously.’

The benefits of learning how to use Cision are clear to students. After visiting Cision for a morning of insightful talks and training, Stefan Neunie stated, ‘Being able to use cutting edge industry tools such as the Cision Communications Cloud has really helped prepare me better for my future in advertising and public relations.’ Fellow student Zubeir Bheekharry concurred, noting, ‘It’s opportunities like this that students always appreciate from industry. I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Cision for training us on their software and giving us a vital skill for our future.’

As a part of the partnership, members of the Cision team will sit in on pitches for live clients and competition briefs as guest judges. Two of the top-performing students will be eligible for internships at Cision.  

For more information on the course’s industry-led curriculum, visit the BA (Hons) Advertising and PR course overview.