UWL Visiting Professor contributes to leading Crown Court text

A UWL Visiting Professor, known to the School of Law and Criminology for 15 years, has contributed to a leading text on criminal law and Crown Court procedure.

Judge Tan Ikram, Deputy Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate) for England and Wales, was a member of the Judicial Board on the 2019 edition of Archbold - a book often cited in courts, adding weight and credibility to arguments.

Contributors, made up of experienced solicitors, barristers, silks and judges, reviewed and updated text for the 2019 edition, which will be used in courtrooms by judges and all criminal practitioners.

As a member of the Judicial Board, Judge Ikram supported the contributing editors on content. He commented:

Tan Ikram  

 'I am humbled and proud to be able to contribute to Archbold 2019 as the leading text in the Crown Court. I hope our students turn to it in their professional studies at the School of Law and Criminology.'





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