Visiting Professor's public lecture on kitchens is a delight

From Romans to Victorians: The History Trail of Great Britain’s kitchens poster

A journey through the history of the kitchen in Britain was the subject of an engrossing public lecture hosted by the University of West London (UWL), this week.

As part of UWL’s series of public lectures to which all are welcome, Professor Nancy Scanlon - a visiting scholar from the Florida International University - provided a wealth of insights into the historical development of the tools and diets we all take for granted, also exploring the development of kitchen technology and great course architecture from 1350 to 1856.

The lecture took place at the William Barry theatre on Wednesday. Prof. Scanlon also explored the menus and recipes enjoyed by mediaeval monarchs such as King Richard II, using as inspiration the 14th century cookbook known as the Forme of Cury. The audience also learnt about dishes which occupying Roman legionaries ate at the fort of Vindolanda in Hexham, from the late first century AD onward.

Prof. Scanlon was highly engaging in her public lecture

Other topics Prof. Scanlon covered included the architecture and design of kitchen spaces down the centuries, with examples from the castles and stately homes which are dotted across Britain. The development of the kitchen in ordinary homes over the centuries was also covered in-depth.

A rich and varied selection of presentations by experts in their fields comprise UWL’s public lecture series. Last week, ‘Crimes and Minds: Psychology and the law’ took place, at which 11 academic experts explored how human psychology influences all parts of the criminal justice system.

James Edmunds, Dean of LGCHT, Prof. Nancy Scanlon, Prof. Joelle Fanghanel, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Prof. Alexandros Paraskevas

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