Claude Littner: 'I predict great things for UWL students'

Claude Littner and Bill Turnbull in conversation

UWL Visiting Professor and alumnus Claude Littner, one of the stars of the hit TV show The Apprentice, was fulsome in his praise for the university and its students while on campus this week to be interviewed by the BBC for a new series.

In between filming in Pillars Restaurant for an episode of 'Holding Back the Years', Mr Littner spoke about UWL’s recent impressive climb up the university rankings.

He said: ‘I couldn’t be happier, and a lot of work has gone into achieving that success. The whole team has been committed to improving the university and getting it up the league tables, but more importantly providing the right kind of education and training, the right environment and right facilities for the students. I think the team is doing a brilliant job and I commend them.’ 

He gave a special mention to students of the Claude Littner Business School, named after him in 2014 in recognition of his achievements in the world of business and longstanding commitment to the School. 

He said: ‘You see a real entrepreneurial spirit among the students, a need to learn and a desire to learn and I think that’s very encouraging. So I foresee great things for the Claude Littner Business School.’

Check out the full interview below.

‘Holding Back the Years’, a series that addresses issues related to ageing, came at UWL to record an episode about mature apprenticeships. Currently there are 314 apprentices at UWL, six of whom are aged 50 or over. UWL has delivered training for apprentices for more than 10 years and in 2013 was awarded an ‘Outstanding’ grade by Ofsted, recognising the high quality of provision.

As an approved provider of the new English apprenticeship model, UWL also offers Degree Apprenticeships which combine vocational and higher education to develop technical skills. 

Find out more about the Claude Littner Business School. Check out the School on Twitter: @UWL_CLBS

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