Pyramid – building friendships, developing confidence

Pyramid is an early intervention for quiet, shy, withdrawn or anxious children aged 7 to 14 that is now managed by the University of West London.

The 3-stage Pyramid model has run in hundreds of schools across the UK and has been extensively evaluated over the past 20 years. 

'P's confidence boost has been remarkable. She now instigates conversations amongst her peers and with the class teacher.  She is now willing to have a go at things that previously she would have tried her best to avoid doing.  This has also impacted on her written work.  Also this confidence has had a positive impact on her stammer.' - Teacher, Bradford

'J became very confident around adults. He doesn’t make friends with adults easily but absolutely adored the adults that worked in the club and talked enthusiastically about the club.' - Parent, Northern Ireland

Book: A-Z of common conditions

Working with children in groups means dealing not just with the difficulties each child is experiencing, but also the reaction of other children (and adults) to those difficulties.

This book covers a wide range of medical, social and psychological conditions, with advice on how to manage them within the group. Each condition is described and its impact on the child within the group is discussed, with strategies for managing the condition and sources of more detailed support signposted. Suitable for use in schools, youth groups and other settings.

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