Creative industries

Using composition and musicology to inform contextual understanding of specific musical repertoire and its place in the 20th / 21st centuries

This case study details a contribution to public understanding and perception of how music informs, interrogates, and nurtures spiritual awareness in a secular age. It focuses on both a critical interrogation of the creation and reception of music with a sacred or spiritual intent, and on the addition of new compositional output to the existing body of work.

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The musicology of record production and recorded popular music

This case study details research that has made a significant impact on practitioners working in the area of record production. Research undertaken has become central to pedagogy on record production in higher education, and through Art of Record Production Projects, is influential in informing professional practice worldwide.

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Impact on HEIs beyond the submitting HEI and in non-academic literature, media and institutions

This case study centres on the impact of Professor Garin Dowd’s research in film and philosophy through the consistent use of his publications in the curricula of university courses around the world. Beyond its impact in Higher Education the case study also charts how his work has been engaged with across the broader cultural sphere.

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The impact on awareness, understanding and public engagement with the possibilities of audio-visual exploration and expression of collective cultural and political memory, genres and narratives

This case study demonstrates the impact of the research of acclaimed filmmaker Luciano Zubillaga on civil society, cultural life and public discourse. His work has explored the cultural and political memory of Venezuela and, more broadly, Latin America.

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