Psychology and education

Supporting the development of children's socio-emotional well-being

The University of West London hosts the Pyramid project which works with schools, local authorities and charitable partners across the United Kingdom to set up clubs for children who are displaying early signs of mental health difficulties. In an increasingly difficult funding environment, the research carried out at the University is vital in providing an evidence base for this unique early intervention. Over 30,000 children and young people have attended Pyramid clubs in the last 10 years, and the work being done at UWL will ensure that many more get the opportunity in the future.

Download and read the full case study (pdf, 131 kb).


Widening Participation policy and practice within the higher education sector

This multiple institution project focused on supporting students from diverse backgrounds during their time at university. It confirmed that the identification of factors such as 'sense of fit / belonging' and 'connection / identification' can inform strategies to promote students' well-being and academic success.  

Download and read the full case study (pdf, 151 kb).