PhD scholarships

Sociotechnical innovation and user experience

Research rationale

Digital and automation technologies improve the safety, predictability and reliability of operational processes. Notions of job satisfaction and wellbeing at work are linked to discussions of design, and use of digital and automation technologies. Those technologies shape workers’ work at different times, in various locations, and at different levels.

Airports are natural places where these digital and automation technologies can be seen in use, and are also a natural cradle for innovation. This PhD project co-funded by Heathrow Airport will focus on the digitalisation, automation and augmentation of work as it currently is, how industry 4.0 might re-define how work is currently done, and the new opportunities it will create.

This is all underpinned by cyber-physical systems, e.g., Industry (i4.0). It will also develop and implement socio-technical design frameworks, such as 'Human Work Interaction Design and Ecological Interface Design', for activity-based wellbeing and service quality in smart and pervasive work environments, across different work domains of the airport terminal operations.

The motivation for this project is that the uses of i4.0 technologies in airports as service-driven work environments are not always automatically positive. If i4.0 implementation is not carefully designed, this could lead to degradation of service quality goals for passengers and workers. However, if implemented in a considered way, these potential negatives could be transformed into positive outcomes.

Research design

The project will take a practice-based approach considering workers’ and passengers' perspectives in i4.0 work environments.  The project is an evolving, multi-level process that involves individual workers, organisations, big data and digitally-embedded artefacts. In-situ observations, probes, participatory design and prototyping methods will drive research activities. The project will involve a collaboration with the Department of Digitisation at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Principal supervisor

Jose Abdelnour-Nocera is Associate Professor in Sociotechnical Design at the University of West London.
For an informal discussion about this PhD project, please email Jose Abdelnour-Nocera at:
or phone: 020 8231 0251.