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Claude Littner School of Business
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London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism
School of Law and Criminology
College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare
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ExPERT Academy

London College of Music

Name Title Principal supervisors
Francis St John Symptoms of Hydrocephalus and Their Impact on a Sufferer's Ability to Convey Emotion During Music, Vocal Performance Professor Francis Pott, Professor David Osbon
Jo Lord 3D Audio for Music: Can 3D production enrich music experience enough to justify a transition away from stereo? Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Christos Moralis

Live Popular Electronic Music 'Performance Recordings'

Professor David Osbon, Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Susan Thompson The Embodied Feminine and the Sensory Self Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Professor Justin Paterson
Tyrian Purple In What Ways Have Guitar Player's Tools Come to Shape the Playing Style, Compositional Approach and Recording Methodology of Noise Rock Music from the 1970's to Present?  Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Dr Andrew Bourbon
Charley Mackley What Impact are Sound Design Technologies Having Within the Live Medium of Theatre?  Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Yongju Lee How Can Actor-Network theory and Ecological Approach to Perception be Used to Analyse Creative Mixing Practice?  Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Dr Andrew Bourbon
Agata Kubiak Under What Circumstances Does Performing New Music Encourage Creativity in String Players?  Professor David Osbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Dr Emilie Capulet
Jose Cubides Gutierrez and Michail Exarchos Development of Compositional Methods Based on Sound/Noice as a Public/Private Expression  Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas,
Paul Borg The New Modular Instrument in Electronic-Music Mediation and Performance Practice  Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Professor Francis Pott,
James Bell The Digital Audio Workstation as a Mediator of the Electronic Music Production Process  Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Dr Andrew Bourbon
Christina Vinson The Pan-American Association of Composers (1928-1934)  Professor Robert Sholl, Professor David Osbon
Brittany Blackwell Forget Me Not: Distinguishing Popularity from Legacy and Equality for Black Women in the American Pop Music Industry  Professor Marcia WorrellDr Sara McGuinness,
Paula Scales Developing Movement Skills in Performing Arts: An Investigation to Stimulate a More Creative, Imaginative and Sensitive Movement Skill Engagement Through a Democratically Orientated Approach  Professor Francis Pott
Jonathan Broder Welcome to the Future: Rewriting the Paradigm of and Creating New Multimedia Music for a Post-Internet World  Professor Francis Pott, Professor David Osbon
Bartosz Szafranski Identification and Application in Original Composition of the Devices Required to Construct and Maintain a Coherent Musical Form with a Very Slow Distribution of Structural Sound Events  Professor David Osbon
Daniel Hagan The Place of Music Festivals in an Era of Digital Music Abundance  Professor David Osbon

London School of Film, Media and Design

Name Title Principal supervisors
Alva Gotby They Call it Love: Materialist feminism and emotional labour Dr Helen Hester, Professor Jeremy Strong
Alastair Hagger The Notorious Turpin: Criminals and myth-making in British drama Professor Jeremy Strong, Dr Jonathon Crewe
Rowan Lear Playing Against the Camera: Tracing the emergence, labour and potential of a feminised photographing body Dr Michelle Henning, Dr Helen Hester
Pam Myers Mad Men, Meerkats and Microphones - the Impact of Voice Overs on the Effectiveness of UK Radio and TV Advertising from 1955 Dr Helen Hester, Professor Jeremy Strong
Marcus Nicholls Re-thinking adaption studies in and through decadent and symbolist literature Professor Jeremy Strong, Dr Garin Dowd
Ariane Lengyel Celebrity Chefs and the Acquisition of Taste in Contemporary British Society Professor Jeremy Strong, Dr Barbara Czyzewska
Marguerite Nolan Your Utopia, My Dystopia: An Enquiry into the Narrative and Dramatic Potentialities of Plato's Republic as Realised in the Form of a Dystopian Novel Professor Jeremy Strong
Callum Cant The Workers Are Doing It Themselves? Strike Action in the UK 2008-2018 Dr Helen Hester, Professor Jeremy Strong
Bernardo Meza Guzman Branding: The Skill of Communicating Moral Values Dr Dennis Olsen, Dr Catarina Lelis, Dr Isabel Huet
Gabriela Loureiro "This is My Story": The Role of Emotions in Online Feminist Activism in Brazil Dr Helen Hester, Dr Michelle Henning
Florian Stephens Reality Capture 3D Technology in Visual Effects: The Implications of Reality Capture Technologies for Visual Effects Practices and Aesthetics Dr Michelle Henning
Mariam Kauser YouTube as a Micro-Industry: Evaluating YouTube's TechnoCultural Curation and Promotion of Diversity in the UK Dr Helen Hester, Dr Michelle Henning

School of Computing and Engineering

Name Title Principal supervisors
Daniel G Cabrero User-Created Personas: A four-case study on personas created by ovaHerero, Ovambo, ovaHimba and Koi San in pastoral and urban Namibia Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera
Athanasios Lykartsis Resilience of buildings to extreme weather events Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi (UWL), Dr Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE)
Abdulazeez Rotimi Impact of the uses of various technologies on the thermal performance and efficiency of UK hotel buildings: application to Hilton Hotels and Resorts Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi (UWL), Dr Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE)
Francisca Umeh Digital readiness assessment framework (DBRAF) for retail SMEs in Lagos, Nigeria Dr Cheokfoung Tan, Dr Yu-Chun Pan, Dr Hafiz Khan
Darius Agharokh Method for Aligning a Data Warehouse to a Data Lake: An Investigation Dr Henry Wang
Jinghui Peng Secret Covert Communications Over Streaming Media Using Dynamic Steganography Dr Shanyu Tang, Dr Anastasia Sofroniou
Elizabeth Sokolowski Using Data Analytics to Improve Group Collaboration Processes Dr Maddie Ohl, Dr Christian Sauer
Supreet Lama Developing Innovative BIM Based Design Briefing Methods and Framework to Improve the Quality and Performance of Building Projects Dr Charlie Fu, Professor Joe Rizzuto, Dr Shamil Naoum
Fehmida Mohamedali Complex Event Processing Techniques for Conducting Time Delay Measurements Between Patterns of Composite Events Dr Nasser Matoorian, Professor Victoria Tischler
Jack McKenzie Suitable Software Archetypes for Real-Time Big Data Analytics Using Complex Event Processing Dr Nasser Matoorian
Roland Fortune Contextual Awareness and Internalised Knowledge for Smart Objects Within the Internet of Things (IoT) Dr Nasser Matoorian
Konstantinos Kosmidis Deep Learning Framework for Intelligent Android Malware Detection Against Stealth Attacks Dr Jonathan Loo, Dr Junaid Arshaud, Professor Stylianos Hatzipanagos
John McGuinness The Study of Development of 'Low Status' Housing in England 1900-1975 Dr Charlie Fu, Dr Maddie Ohl
Radwa Salem Design and Evaluation of Nearly Zero Buildings and Their Viablitiy Under Current and Future UK Climate Conditions Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi
Neil Mather Enabling Agile Product Line Engineering with Behaviour-Driven Development Dr Junaid Arshaud
Ryan Younger Culturally Adaptive Sustainable Information Kiosks Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera

Claude Littner School of Business

Name Title Principal supervisors
Hammad Hussain Interactive Multimodal Branding in E-commerce: an Empirical Investigation Professor Dimitrios Rigas, Dr Ioannis Gkliatis
Nazish Riaz The Effect of Multimodal Metaphors on Social Media Platforms and Their Impact on Consumer Purchase Decisions Professor Dimitrios Rigas
Elham Javaherizadeh The Impact of Board of Directors Characteristics on Firms Intellectual Assets, Investments and Financial Performance Dr Chin-Bun Tse, Amelia Au-Yeung
Ann-Kathrin Itzenga A Comparative Study of Effects of Ethical Screening on Equity Portfolio Performance: Evidence from Germany, USA, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia Dr Chin-Bun Tse
Trang Le Revisiting the International Capital Asset Pricing Model: New Evidence from the Five Largest Asian Economies Dr Chin-Bun Tse, Dr Maddie Ohl
Yehia Nawar The Influence of Strategic Planning and Organisational Culture on Leadership Performance Relationship Dr Chin-Bun Tse, Dr Maddie Ohl

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism

Name Title Principal supervisors
Ash Mistry Retail Development at London Heathrow Airport 1946-2016: A Historical Analysis of a Complex Adaptive System Dr Elitza Iordanova, Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Damian Devlin Air Transportation Public Service Obligation: From Public Drain to Economic Gain by way of Regional Development Success Dr Cristina Maxim, Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Peter Cross A Responsible Foodservice Value Chain Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Ashley Garlick Studying Organisations Through the Meaning of Strategic Objects Using Symbolic Interactionism Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Sherine Kwok The Silent Revolution: An Exploration to Customer Non-Complaining Intention and Behaviour Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Thomas Kyritsis Corporate Boards at the Edge of Chaos: Shareholder Activism from a Complexity Theory Lens Professor Alexandros Paraskevas, Professor Angela Roper
Patrick Muigai Franchisees as Entrepreneurs? Towards Understanding the Entrepreneurial Actions of Franchisees Professor Angela RoperProfessor Alexandros Paraskevas
Sonal Shah The Unspoken Hospital Food Waste Crisis: An Analysis of the Problem and Contributory Factors in a Hospital Setting Professor Alexandros Paraskevas, Professor Amalia Tsiami, Dr Jennie Wilson
Joanne Tucker The Application of an Experimental Food Label Applied to Food Served in a High Schools in Newham and its Effect on Adolescent Food Choice Professor Amalia Tsiami, Professor Alexandros Paraskevas, Dr Rosemary Stock
Agnieszka Bak Nutritional Interventions to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections in the Undernourished Elderly Professor Amalia Tsiami, Professor Heather Loveday, Dr Jennie Wilson

School of Law and Criminology

Name Title Principal supervisors
Ori Igwe International Law Enforcement Cooperation and the Prosecution of Cyber Stalkers Dr Philipp Elliot-Wright, Dr Anthony Olden
Zunayed Mazumder Commercial and Investor State Arbitration in Bangladesh: Current State and Reform Dr Philipp Elliot-Wright
Maya Flax Arts Interventions and Desistance Process: Agency Through Art Among Female Offenders During Incarceration and Upon Release Professor Joelle Fanghanel, Dr Karim Murji

College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare

Name Title Principal supervisors
Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith Exploring the Embodied and Sensorial Experience of Clothing in People with Dementia using Sensory Ethnography Professor Victoria Tischler 
Darren Gormley What are the Views and Experiences of People Living Alone with Dementia and can Photography Enable Them to Make Social Change? Professor Victoria Tischler, Dr Catalin Brylla
Dorothy Kupara The roles of learning disability liaison nurses in acute healthcare settings: an exploratory sequential mixed methods study Professor Kay Mafuba, Professor Bob Gates, Professor Ann Manyande
Zaid Hosany The Development of a CBT Conceptual Framework and Toolkit for the Treatment of Suicidal Patients in a Crisis and Home Treatment Team: An Exploratory Study Professor Elizabeth Barley, Dr Savin Bapir-Tardy, Dr Rowan Myron
Frederique Lamontagne-Godwin Development, Usability and Acceptability of an Informed Choice Tool on Cervical Screening for Women with Severe Mental Illness  Professor Elizabeth Barley, Dr Caroline Lafarge
Nicola Moone Working with Community Mental Health Practitioners to Develop Team Working, Job Satisfaction and Personal Resilience: An Action Research Project (AR) Professor Elizabeth Barley, Dr Rowan Myron
Alyson Price What Influences the Decision Making of Nursing Staff When Involved in Restraint Incidents in Adult Acute Mental Health Wards Professor Elizabeth Barley, Dr Rowan Myron
Chiedza Kudita Public Involvement in Pre-Registration Nurse Education: A Simple Method Study Professor Kay Mafuba, Professor Bob Gates, Dr Swapna Williamson, Professor Ann Manyande
Daniela Blumlein Experiences of Pre-Registration Healthcare Students with Hidden Disabilities in Clinical Placements Professor Kay Mafuba,  Marc Forster, Professor Heather Loveday
Julie Jones Competency in Bereavement Care: Stillbirth and Neonatal Death - What do Students Need to Know?  Dr Rowan Myron, Marc Forster
Nicola Dunlop Patient Experience of Living with Benign Essential Belepharaspasm Professor Heather Loveday, Dr Wendy Wigley
Hannah Lyman An Exploration of the Student Nurse's LEarning Experience in out-of-Hospital Placements: What Helps Students Acquire Nursing Knowledge and Improvepractice in out-of-Hospital Placements? Professor Heather Loveday, Dr Rowan Myron
Catherine Lynch What Does the Experience of 'Research in Action' Impact on Student Nurses Engagement with Research and Willingness to use Evidence to Underpin Clinical Practise? Professor Heather Loveday, Dr Rowan Myron, Dr Jannie Roed
Reuben Pearce Exploring the Experience and Impact of Forum Theatre Techniques for Developing Mental Health Nursing Skills: A Mixed-Method Research Project Dr Rowan Myron, Professor Heather Loveday
Karen Sheehy An Exploration of Mentor Models in Nursing Practice: A Case Study Dr Rowan Myron, Dr Jannie Roed
Gargi Gosh The Impact of Obesity on Health and Social Care Needs Among Older Adults (50+) in England Dr Jane Thomas, Dr Hafiz Khan
Federica D'Andrea Multi-sensory Approaches in Dementia Care Professor Victoria Tischler
Waqas Choudry A Phenomenological Investigation into Theatre Nurses Perceptions of their Working Environments in National Health Service Operating Theatre Dr Jennie Wilson

School of Human and Social Sciences

Name Title Principal supervisors
Olena Fedoruk Developing a Conceptual Framework for Delivering Luxury Experiences Through Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Dr Moira Cachia, Dr Maddie Ohl
Laura Hugh The Characteristics of Bloodstains on Carpet for Advancement of Crime Scene Investigation Dr David Chappell, Dr Rosemary Stock
Carmel Corcoran Emotion Recognition and Visual Scan Paths in Social Drinkers Dr Frances Hunt, Dr Raffaella Milani
Weronika Reed Exploring the Effectiveness of a Weight Management Intervention When Enhanced by Wearable Devices in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Dr Maddie Ohl, Dr Caroline Lafarge, Dr Raffaella Milani
Risat Noor An Investigation of the Challenges in Implementing Strategies for Alternative Medicine in Bangladesk Dr Maddie Ohl, Professor Ann Manyande

ExPERT Academy

Name Title Principal supervisors
Vani Aul Harnessing Search Engine Optimisation Experience to Enhance the Visibility of Websites Dr Maddie Ohl
Alfred Mbeteh Assessing the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education and Training on Youths Career Options: A Longitudinal Study from Sierra Leone Dr Jannie Roed, Dr Anthony Olden
Clive Potts An Investigation into Postgraduate Employability in the UK Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Dr Anthony Olden


UWL and the Graduate School are remarkably supportive towards their PhD researchers. They are easily accessible and always willing to offer any support, guidance and help required. Nazish Riaz, PhD student in the Claude Littner Business School