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Current research students

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London College of Music

Name Title Principal supervisors
Francis St John Symptoms of hydrocephalus and their impact on a sufferer's ability to convey emotion during music, vocal performance Professor Francis Pott, Professor David Osbon
Jo Lord 3D Audio for Music: Can 3D production enrich music experience enough to justify a transition away from stereo? Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Christos Moralis Live popular electronic music 'performance recordings' Professor David Osbon, Dr Andrew Bourbon, Dr Simon Zagorski-Thomas

London School of Film, Media and Design

Name Title Principal supervisors
Alva Gotby They Call it Love: Materialist feminism and emotional labour Dr Helen Hester, Professor Jeremy Strong
Alastair Hagger The Notorious Turpin: Criminals and myth-making in British drama Professor Jeremy Strong, Dr Jonathon Crewe
Rowan Lear Playing Against the Camera: Tracing the emergence, labour and potential of a feminised photographing body Dr Michelle Henning, Dr Helen Hester
Pam Myers The Revealed Soul: A critical exploration of advertising voiceover production in the United Kingdom radio market from 2000 Dr Helen Hester, Professor Jeremy Strong
Marcus Nicholls Re-thinking adaption studies in and through decadent and symbolist literature Professor Jeremy Strong, Professor Garin Dowd

School of Computing and Engineering

Name Title Principal supervisors
Daniel G Cabrero User-Created Personas: A four-case study on personas created by ovaHerero, Ovambo, ovaHimba and Koi San in pastoral and urban Namibia Dr Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, Dr Stephen Roberts
Athanasios Lykartsis Resilience of buildings to extreme weather events Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi (UWL), Dr Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE)
Abdulazeez Rotimi Impact of the uses of various technologies on the thermal performance and efficiency of UK hotel buildings: application to Hilton Hotels and Resorts Dr Ali Bahadori-Jahromi (UWL), Dr Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE)
Francisca Umeh Digital readiness assessment framework (DBRAF) for retail SMEs in Lagos, Nigeria Dr Cheokfoung Tan, Dr Yu-Chun Pan, Professor Hafiz Khan

Claude Littner School of Business

Name Title Principal supervisors
Hammad Hussain Interactive multimodal branding in E-commerce: an empirical investigation Professor Dimitrios Rigas, Dr Ioannis Gkliatis
Nazish Riaz The effect of multimodal metaphors on social media platforms and their impact on consumer purchase decisions Professor Dimitrios Rigas

College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare

Name Title Principal supervisors
Dorothy Kupara The roles of learning disability liaison nurses in acute healthcare settings: an exploratory sequential mixed methods study Professor Kay Mafuba, Professor Bob Gates, Professor Ann Manyande


UWL and the Graduate School are remarkably supportive towards their PhD researchers. They are easily accessible and always willing to offer any support, guidance and help required. Nazish Riaz, PhD student in the Claude Littner Business School