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UWL Replay

UWL Replay LogoUWL Replay is the University's video and lecture recording service. It allows you to review lectures in your own time and gives you access to other videos for your course.

It is only used to record lectures, not seminars or other types of classes. UWL Replay records audio and the computer screen, eg PowerPoint slides and in some locations, video of the lecturer.

UWL Replay Example

How to find UWL Replay recordings

If your lectures are being recorded you will find links to the recordings in your individual Blackboard modules. You can also access all videos through the UWL Replay home page.

How to get the most from UWL Replay

  1. Find out if your lectures are recorded - UWL Replay is a new service and is available in the rooms listed below. It is only used to record lectures so other types of classes (eg seminars) will not be recorded. Your lecturer can confirm if your class is being recorded.
  2. Attend your lectures and take notes - It's really important to go to your lectures. You must attend to listen, take notes, ask questions and engage in discussions and activities with other students. Not everything can be recorded. The recordings are a supplement not a substitute.
  3. Review the recordings promptly - The recording of your lecture should be available soon after class. You will find it on your module in Blackboard. Use the recordings to review specific aspects of the lecture. You can review parts of the lecture that you did not fully understand or need to clarify. Check and update your notes as you review the lecture.
  4. Use the Player controls - As well as play and pause UWL Replay has a skip back (10 seconds) button and a progress bar making it easy to move around the recording. You can also change the picture quality; switch to medium if you have slow Internet connection.
  5. Go mobile but beware! - If you are accessing recordings from your phone remember that audio and video uses a lot of data. If you have a limited data allowance we recommend you only watch UWL Replay recordings on wifi. There are apps for the iPhone/iPad & Android (see below).
  6. Revisit recordings at revision time - UWL Replay will also be useful for revision. You will be able to review essential aspects of the course by watching the recordings. But remember that, for long term memory, listening to a lecture is less effective than reading and making notes, and discussing with other students.
  7. Lectures are a starting point - Lectures never cover all of the knowledge needed to fully understand a topic, that is why lecturers also give you a list of books, and other resources that you need to read or view. Use UWL Replay as an opportunity to stay in charge of your learning, remembering at all times that it is just one of many ways you will have to learn at the University.

App for UWL Replay

You can use UWL Replay on the free Panopto App. It's available for your Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

Use the Panopto App to:

  1. View UWL Replay recordings
  2. Upload video assignments

Download the free app today:

Download on the App Store get it on Google Play




The first time you use the app you will need to add the Panopto site information. The UWL Panopto site is: Then login using the Blackboard option.


  • UWL Replay supports screen readers and keyboard access. Students requiring this additional support are advised to contact the Wellbeing team to ensure this resource is provided.

University policy

  • There are strict rules about the use and re-use of recorded materials, for example, you are not allowed to copy or post this material on any site or social network. Please see the University's UWL Replay Policy (pdf).

Rooms with UWL Replay

For 2017-18 UWL Replay is available in the following rooms:

Ealing Site

  • Lady Byron: BY.GF.010, BY.GF.014, BY.01.001, BY.01.017, BY.01.018, BY.01.021, BY.01.022, BY.02.015, BY.02.016, BY.02.017, BY.02.018, BY.02.019, BY.02.021, BY.02.024, BY.02.026, BY.03.004, BY.03.006, BY.03.011, BY.04.005.
  • Lammas: LA.GF.006, LA.GF.007
  • Peter John: PE.01.006, PE.02.001, PE.02.002, PE.02.003, PE.02.004, PE.02.006, PE.03.001, PE.03.003
  • Warwick: WK.GF.003, WK.01.004, WK.01.005, WK.01.008, WK.01.010, WK.01.011, WK.01.013, WK.01.014, WK.01.015, WK.02.012, WK.02.013, WK.03.002, WK.03.003, WK.03.004, WK.03.006, WK.03.007, WK.03.009.

Paragon Site

  • Paragon: PRG03/PRG04, PR119, PR120, PR509, PR609, PR704, PR705, PR707, PR708, PR803, PR804, PR806, PR807.

Berkshire Institute for Health

  • Fountain House: FH.03.004, FH.03.005, FH.03.008, FH.09.009 (Kentucky), FH.09.012 (Oklahoma), FH.10.007 (Oregon), FH.10.008 (Washington), FH.10.009 (Arizona), FH.10.010 (Montana).