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UWL Replay

UWL Replay LogoUWL Replay is the University's video and lecture recording service. It allows you to review lectures in your own time and gives you access to other videos for your course. It is also used for video assessments on some courses.

It is used to record lectures, not seminars or other types of classes. UWL Replay records audio and the computer screen, eg PowerPoint slides and in some locations, video of the lecturer.

UWL Replay Example

How to find UWL Replay recordings

If your lectures are being recorded you will find links to the recordings in your individual Blackboard modules. You can also access all videos through the UWL Replay homepage.

How to get the most from UWL Replay

UWL Replay is a great tool for reviewing lectures. It's important to attend your lectures first as there are always activities, such as discussions, that can't be recorded.

There is guidance for students on the Blackboard help website providing tips on how to get the most  from UWL Replay.

App for UWL Replay

You can use UWL Replay on the free Panopto App. It's available for your Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

Use the Panopto App to:

  1. View UWL Replay recordings
  2. Upload video assessments

Download the free app today:

Download on the App Store get it on Google Play




The first time you use the app you will need to add the Panopto site information. The UWL Panopto site is: Then login using the Blackboard option.