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Cristina Cabral

Tell us about yourself

My name is Cristina Cabral. I'm 32 years old. I’m a third year Broadcast Journalism student and also a mother of two amazing children. I'm originally from Cape Verde Islands (paradise on earth), but I was born in Portugal.

After finishing college, I travelled to the USA, to the land of opportunities, where I worked as a Financial Reporter, on Wall Street. But the adventure finished when I decided to be a mom, and move to London.

I am a chocolate addict, passionate about different cultures; I love hip-hop and nursery rhymes. My two kids are my motivation and the reason why I chose UWL - to provide us with a happy ending.

CristinaWhat do you love most about UWL?

When I started UWL, I was scared and anxious to be involved in academic life, but that feeling suddenly transformed into one of the best experiences ever. UWL supports student parents, like me, 100%. It's a place that gives us the opportunity to shine.

I deferred my studies for a year because I delivered my second child prematurely, and I found all the support and motivation needed. It’s more than a University, its an incredible family. Today I am back in business; I produce a radio show in Blast studio, called the Student Parent Show, where I discuss different subjects with love and humour.

Why did you want to become a vlogger?

I come from a video and film background, and I consider myself a people person. I think it's an incredible opportunity for prospective students to join me on my journey. They can see my face, and also my expressions. I love UWL; I would like to share my personal experiences and also bring awareness for parents like me who are not confident about their academic journey.

What advice would you give to a new student just about to start uni?

Be yourself and let that amazing, bright spirit shine. Remember that this is your opportunity - make friends, smile a lot, and get involved. Most importantly, have lots of fun. It can seem scary at first, but you're not alone. You will be incredible.

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