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We provide two rooms for prayer and meditation
We provide two rooms for prayer and meditation

Our University recognises that faith is an important part of life for many students and staff, and wants to support you during your time with us. Chaplaincy is one part of our Health & Wellbeing service. You may also be interested in visiting our Health and Counselling pages.

Our University provides three rooms for prayer and meditation. They are available to people of all faiths or none for private prayer, and can also be booked for use by small groups via the Head of Wellbeing.

They can be found at:

  • St Mary's Road, Ealing site - room BY.03.X01
  • Paragon House, Brentford site – first floor, room PH121
  • Villiers House, Ealing site – first floor, adjacent to the goods lift, accessible to students on request at reception.

There are currently student societies for Christian and Muslim students. You can get in touch with these societies by contacting the Student Union

The following organisations might also be helpful:

International Student Christian Services (website)
3 Crescent Stables, 139 Upper Richmond Road
Putney, London SW15 2TN
Tel: 020 8780 3511

Catholic Chaplaincy for Overseas Students
16-C Portland Rise, London N4
Tel: 020 8802 9673

Hillel Jewish Student Centre (website)
1-2 Endsleigh St, London WC1
Tel: 020 8338 0801/3

Inform (website)
LSE, Houghton St, London WC2
Tel: 020 7955 7654
(objective information about cults and new religions)