Dr Shamil Naoum

Dr Shamil Naoum

Senior Lecturer
Job title:
Senior Lecturer
Higher qualifications:

BSc (University of Technology, Baghdad), MSc (Aston University, Birmingham, UK), PhD (Brunel University, UK)

Professional organisations:
Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)


Prior to joining the University of West London, Dr Shamil Naoum was a senior lecturer at London South Bank University for 26 years. He received a bachelor of science in Building and Construction engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad, a Master of Science in Construction Management and economics from Aston University in Birmingham and a PhD in Construction Management from Brunel University.

Before beginning his academic career, he worked in the construction industry as a site manager and project manager. He is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Building.

Dr Naoum has a considerable research experience in construction project management related areas such procurement methods, productivity and organisational behaviour. In addition to supervising BSc and MSc dissertations, Dr Naoum works with PhD students researching construction management problems.

During his academic career, Dr Naoum Has published papers in many international conferences and a diverse group of scholarly journals including: American Society of Civil Engineers (USA); International Journal of Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management (UK); Journal of project Management (UK); International Journal of managing project for Business (Australia), International Journal of Productivity and performance management (UK); and the Chartered Institute of Building (UK).

Research and scholarly output:


Naoum, S., Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, ISBN 0750629886.

  • First edition in Feb 1998. (202 pages)
  • Second edition in July 2007 (209 pages)
  • Third edition in July 2013

Naoum, S., People and Organisational Management in Construction. Thomas Telford Publishers, London,.ISBN 978-0-7277-4151-6,

  • First edition in February 2001 (298 pages)
  • Second edition in May 2011 (301 pages)
Chapter in book

Naoum, S. “Productivity in Construction Projects.” Chapter 7, pp

93-104, in Robinson, H. et al “Design Economics for the Built

Environment , 2015, Wiley- Blackwell publishers.

ISBN 9780470659090

Professional Report

Naoum, S., "Procurement Methods and Project Performance." Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), Occasional Paper No.45, ISBN 1 85380, 37 pages, 1999.

Journal articles

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Research degree supervision:
Current supervision
Student Role in team Thesis title
Supreet Lama Second supervisor Developing Innovative BIM Based Design Briefing Methods and Framework to Improve the Quality and Performance of Building Projects.