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Dr Changfeng Fu

Dr Changfeng Fu

Associate Professor in Architectural Technology
Job title:
Associate Professor in Architectural Technology
Higher qualifications:

MEng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), MPhil Town Planning (Anglia Rustin University), PhD Built Environment (Salford University)

Professional organisations:
Chartered member: The Royal Town Planning Institute (MRTPI)
Chartered member: The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (MCIAT)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Member of Peer Reviewer College of the EPSRC
Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars
Research and scholarly output:


Book or book chapter

Fu, C. (2013) Integration and Interoperability of IT Applications in Construction, Scholar Press, Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBN 978-3-639-70288-0.

Fernando, T., Aouad, G., Fu, C. & Yao, J. (2009) Chapter 12: IT Infrastructure for supporting multi-disciplinary urban planning . In Cooper, R., Evans, G. & Boyko, C. (2009) Designing Sustainable Cities, Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1-4051-7915-7.

Journal articles

Fu, C., Rong, Y., Aouad, G. (2013) The Present and Future of Chinese Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. ICE Urban Design and Planning (under review).

Fu, C., Aouad, G. (2009) Data Integration for Quantitative Analysis of Sustainability. ICE Urban Design and Planning 162(3): 131 –140. ISSN :1755-0793.

Fu, C., Tah, J., Aouad, G., Kagioglou, M. & Zeisel, J. (2007) Space-centred information management approach to improve CAD-based healthcare building design. Journal of Information Technology in Construction 12: 61-71.

Fu, C., Kaya, S., Kagioglou M., Aouad G. (2007) Development of an IFC-based Lifecycle Costing Prototype Tool -Integrating Lifecycle Costing to nD modelling. Construction Innovation 7(1): 85-98.

Fu, C., Aouad, G., Lee, A., Marshall-Ponting, A. & Wu, S.(2006) IFC Model Viewer to Support nD Model Application. Automation in Construction 15: 178-185.

Fu, C., Aouad, G., Marshall-Ponting, A., Lee, A. & Wu, S.(2004) IFC Implementation in Lifecycle Costing. The Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology 4: 42-54.

Lee, A., Wu, S., Fu, C., Marshall-Ponting, A., Aouad, G., Tah, J. & Cooper, R. (2005) nD Modelling–A Driver or Enabler for Construction Improvement? RICS Research 5(6); April 2005.

Wu, S, Lee, A, Koh, W.W., Aouad, G. & Fu, C. (2004) An IFC-based Space Analysis for Accessible Building Layout. Journal of Construction Innovation 4: 129-141. 

Research projects

The EPSRC-funded Interact II project - Salford (UK) - China: towards global harmonisation of construction research (EP/C519035/1) (£11,500). It is also a part of UK-China Partner in Science activities, which were organised by the British Embassy in Beijing.

The UK-China Fellowship for Excellent of the British Department Innovation, University, Skills (DIUS), which sponsored me to conduct an urban sustainability research in China for six months (£7800).


Conference papers

Li, X., Aouad, G., Li, Q. & Fu, C. (2008) An nD Modelling Enabled Collaborative Construction Supply Chain. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Intelligent Information Technology Application. ISBN: 978-0-7695-3497-8.

Fu, C., Tah, J. & Aouad, G. (2007) The Lifecycle Costing Simulation for Building Construction and Maintenance in nD Modelling. International Conference of Building Simulation 2007, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Fu, C., Tah, J., Aouad, G. & Cooper, R. (2007) Statistic-Data-Based Urban Information Modelling For Sustainability Analysis. In Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium of Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI), Salford, UK: 333 – 342.

Fu, C., Tah, J. & Ruffle, S. (2006) Implementation of Web-based Virtual Reality Technology in Public Participation, 2nd CIB International Conference of Mega Cities, Guangzhou, China.

Fu, C., Tah, J., Aouad, G. & Cooper, R. (2006) Developing an Integrated Database for Urban Sustainability Analysis, 3rd International SCRI Research Symposium, Delft, Netherlands.

Fu. C., Ruffle, S., Richens, P. & Aouad, G. (2005) Using Virtual Reality Technology to Facilitate Web-based Public Participation, The International Conference of Computing in Urban Planning and Urban Management 2005, University College, London, UK.

Fu, C., Kagioglou, M. & Zeisel, J. (2005) The Development of A Space-Centred CAD Tool to Support Healthcare Building Design. In Proceedings of the 2nd International SCRI Symposium, Salford, UK: 526-535.

Fu, C., Cooper, R. & Aouad, G. (2004) Sustainable Urban Planning and Design with ICT Support: An Introduction of VivaCity 2020 Project, 1st International SCRI Symposium, Salford, UK: 526-535.

Ingirige, B., Kagioglou, M., Wetherill, M., Fu, C. & Aouad, G. (2004) A state of the Art review on Healthcare Delivery in the Built and Human Environment enabling a Vision for the Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI), 1st International SCRI Symposium, Salford, UK.

Lee, A., Wu, S., Aouad, G. & Fu, C. (2004) nD Modelling in Construction – Buzzword or Reality? World IT Conference for Design  and Construction, INCITE 2004: 35 – 42.

Wu, S., Lee, A., Aouad, G., Cooper, R. & Fu, C. (2003) Web Services for Crime Deterrent Design Knowledge, CIB W78 – 20th International Conference on Information Technology for Construction, New Zealand.

Wu, S., Lee, A., Aouad, G. & Fu, C. (2003) Web Services for Crime Deterrent Design Knowledge, CIB W78 - Distributing Knowledge in Building, Denmark.

Lee, A., Wu, S., Aouad, G. & Fu, C. (2002) Towards nD Modelling, European Conference on Information and Communication Technology Advances and Innovation in the Knowledge Society (E-sm@art), Salford, UK.

Fu, C. (2001) E-participation of Urban Design and Planning, UK Planning Research, Liverpool, UK.

Hall, A. & Fu, C. (2000) Paper and presentation: Computer Visualisation Applied to the Participation of residents in the Regeneration of their Housing Estate, 5th Design and Decision Support System Conference in Architecture and Urban Planning, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Hall, A. & Fu, C. (2000) Poster session: Computer Visualisation Used to Assist Participation in Regeneration-the Woodberry Down Estate, Hackney, London, Planning Research 2000, London School of Economics, London, UK.

Hall, A.& Fu, C. (2000) Computer Visualisation as an Aid to Participation in the Regeneration of Housing Areas, 14th Aesop Congress, Brno, Czech Republic.

Research degree supervision:
Current supervision
Student Role in team Thesis title
Ahmadreza Hakiminejad Principle supervisor Measuring Cities: A Study on the Development of Iranian Urban Sustainability Assessment Mechanisms; Based on the UK Experience.
Supreet Lama Principal supervisor Developing Innovative BIM Based Design Briefing Methods and Framework to Improve the Quality and Performance of Building Projects.