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Hafiz T.A. Khan

Hafiz T.A. Khan

Professor of Public Health
Higher qualifications:


Post-Doctoral in Healthy Ageing (University of Oxford)
PhD in Medical Demography (Edinburgh Napier University)
MSc in Statistics (University of Chittagong)
BSc in Statistics (University of Chittagong)   

Professional organisations:
Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society (CStat)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK
Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, UK
Member, Asian Population Association
Member, Bangladesh Statistical Association
Academic Editor for Public Health, PloS One
Board of Advisory Editors for Social Sciences, Sage Open
International Advisory Board Member, SQU Medical Journal
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Care Services Management


Professor Hafiz Khan is a Professor of Public Health at the University of West London (UWL). Prior to joining at UWL, he was a Reader in Statistics at School of Health Sciences of Birmingham City University, UK.  

He generally teaches modules such as Public Health, Demography and Ageing Society, statistics and quantitative methods.  He runs Statistical Advice and Consultancy Services in Data Analysis (SACSDA) within the Graduate School. 

He supervises PhD students in the area of Public Health, Demography and Gerontology with particular interests in healthy ageing, multimorbidity in later life, long-term care and support provisions for elderly. He has co-authored a book "Research Methods for Business and Social Science", Sage 2014. 

Research and scholarly output:


2017 Healthcare workforce caring for older adults across the world: An overview. Medicina (Ribeirão Preto. Online) 2017; 50(Supl.3), II Congresso Brasileiro de Gerontecnologia, 16-18 November, USP, Brazil, (Hafiz T.A. Khan, and Saidu Ahmed)

2017 The association between sexual behaviours and initiation of post-secondary education in South Africa, Journal of Biosocial Science, (Annah V. Bengesai, Hafiz T.A. Khan and Russell Dube), 10th November, UWL 

2017 Nexus between demographic change and elderly care need in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: Some policy implications, Ageing International, Accepted on 23 March, (Hafiz T.A. Khan, Shereen Hossein and John Deane) 
2017 Factors influencing the initiation of smokeless tobacco consumption among low socioeconomic community in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Investigation. International Quarterly of Community Health Education 37(3), September (Md. Shahjahan, Dostoghir Harun, Alauddin Chowdhury, Kapil Ahmed & Hafiz T.A. Khan). 
2017 Urban-rural differences in disability-free life expectancy in Bangladesh using the 2010 HIES data, Plos One, 12(7): e0179987. 10.1371/journal.pone.0179987, (Md. Shariful Islam, Md. Ismail Tareque, Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal, Ahbab Mohammad Fazle Rabbi, Hafiz T. A. Khan and Sharifa Begum) 
2017 Socio-economic inequalities in health among older adults in two rural sub-districts in India and Bangladesh: A comparative cross-sectional study, Asian Population Studies, Revised. (Mijan Rahman, Hafiz T.A. Khan, Trish Hafford-Letchfield and Ratna Sultana). 
2017 Hospital services for ill patients in the middle-belt geopolitical zone, Nigeria: Patient’s waiting time and level of satisfaction, Accepted in Illness, Crisis & Loss (Ahmed Abdulsalam and Hafiz T.A. Khan).  
2017 Study on the Health Status of Coastal People in Bangladesh After Cyclone Sidr and Aila, European Scientific Research 13 (15):10-21 (Russell Kabir and Hafiz T.A. Khan).  
2017 Effect of early sexual debut on high school completion in South Africa, Accepted on 3rd February: Journal of Biosocial Science (Annah Bengesai, Hafiz T.A. Khan, and Russell Dube), Online First. 
2017 Exploring the relationship of Domestic violence on Health Seeking behavior and Empowerment of Women in Pakistan, Accepted in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health 4(1):12231 doi: 10.2427/12231 (Nahida Ferdous, Russell Kabir, Hafiz T.A. Khan and MRK Chowdhury). 
2016 Climate change induced natural disasters impact on the health of the coastal people in Bangladesh. International Journal of Perceptions in Public Health 1(1):6-8 (Russell Kabir and Hafiz Khan). 
2016 Climate Change Impact: The experience of the coastal areas of Bangladesh affected by Cyclones Sidr and Aila. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, (Russell Kabir, Hafiz Khan, Emma Ball, Kay Caldwell), Impact factor = 3.08
2016 Exploring the relationship between social support and life satisfaction among rural elderly in Japan, Ageing International 41(4): 414-426 (Kaori Tsuji and Hafiz T.A. Khan), doi: 10.1007/s12126-016-9254-6
2016 Correlates of socioeconomic status and the health of older people in the United Kingdom: A review.  Illness, Crisis and Loss 24(4):195-216 (Mijanur Rahman, Hafiz Khan, and Trish, Hafford-Letchfield) doi: 10.1177/1054137315608347
2016 Women’s Participation in Economic and NGO Activities in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on the Bangladesh Demography and Health Survey (BDHS), International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 36(7/8):1-25. (Hafiz Khan, and Twyeafur Rahman), doi: 10.1108/IJSSP-09-2015-0097
2016 Identification of Genomic Markers Correlated with Sensitivity in Solid Tumors to Dasatinib Using Sparse Principal Components (Ahmed Hossain and Hafiz Khan), Journal of Applied Statistics 43(14):2538-2549, doi: 10.1080/02664763.2016.1142941, September 
2016 Self-Reported Health Status of Older Adults in Malaysia and Singapore: Evidence from the 2007 Global Ageing Survey. Applied Research in Quality of Life 11(3): 687-705 (Hafiz Khan and Matt Flynn), doi: 10.1007/s11482-015-9390-2, September.
2015 Spatial Pattern of Structural Ageing in Eastern Croatia: Evolution and Explanations, International Journal of Ageing and Later Life 9(2): (M. Jukic and Hafiz T.A. Khan). (Scopus, ISI)
2015 Global Population Aging: Unequal Distribution of Risks in Later Life between Developed and Developing Countries.Global Social Policy 15(2):146-166 (M. Higo and Hafiz Khan). (Scopus)
2015 Job Satisfaction and Socio-Demographic Nexus: An Examination of Business Link Employees in England, Journal of Applied Economic Sciences 10:1213-1225, Winter Issue 8(38) (Shah-Jalal Sarker, Hafiz T.A. Khan, Shahzad Butt)
2015 The move to abolish mandatory retirement age: The case of the United Kingdom (G.Leeson and Hafiz T.A. Khan). Chapter contribution to an edited book Mandatory Retirement in Japan and South Korea: The Past, Present, and Future, byM. Higo and T. Klassen. Routledge, June.
2014 Ageing in Post-Industrial Society: Trends and Trajectories. Journal of Globalisation Studies 5(2): 143-151 (J. L. Powell and Hafiz T.A. Khan), November, ISSN: 2075-8103
2014 Climate change and public health situations in coastal areas in Bangladesh, International Journal of Social Science Studies 2(3):109-116 (R. Kabir, E. Ball and K. Caldwell), July doi: 10.11114/ijsss.v2i3.426
2014 Development and Application of a Survey Quality Assessment Model - Global Journal of Quantitative Science 1(1):15-29, April(Tao, C., Raeside, R. and Hafiz T.A. Khan)
2014 Insights for Singapore’s Re-employment Legislation: Evidence from the Global Ageing Survey (GLAS), Asian Profile 42(2):101-122, April issue (Helen Ko and Hafiz T.A. Khan)
2014 Between Country Variations in Self-Rated-Health and Associations with the Quality of Life of Older People: Evidence from the Global Ageing Survey. Applied Research in Quality of Life 9 (4): 923-949 (Hafiz T.A. Khan and R. Raeside). (Scopus, ISI) (winner of ARQOL Best Article 2014 Award)
2014 Factors associated with intergenerational social support across the world, Ageing International 39(4): 289-326 (Hafiz T.A. Khan). (Scopus)
2014 Population ageing in Bangladesh and its implication on health care. European Scientific Journal 9(33):34-47, (R. Kabir, Hafiz T.A. Khan, M. Kabir and M.T. Rahman), November
Authored Books:
Research Methods for Business and Social Science (J. Adams, Hafiz T.A. Khan, and R. Raeside), Sage, 2nd Edition, ISBN: 978-81-321-1366-9, December, 2014.
Research Methods for Graduate Business and Social Science Students (J. Adams, Hafiz T.A. Khan, R. Raeside, and D. White), Sage, ISBN: 9780761935896,  2007.
2017 Health and wellbeing of single women in British Households. Applied Demography Conference held at San Antonio in Texas, 11-13 January, Organised by University of Texas.  
2016 Impact of demographic research on changing policies in Commonwealth Countries. Panel discussion at Royal Overseas League, London, 27 October, Organised by the UK Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.  
2015 The key research issues arising from an ageing workforce, Keynote speech at International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration, 20-21 November 2015, Bucharest, Romania.
2015 Job satisfaction and socio-demographic nexus: an examination of Business Link employees in England, 2nd ICESBA conference, 20-21 November (Shah-Jalal Sarker, Hafiz Khan, and Shahzad Butt).
2015 How would you finance your later life: An investigation of Hong Kong and the UK employees surveys? Paper presented at the 3rd Asian Population Association conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27-30 July.
2015 Changes family structures, living arrangements, and care support for the elderly in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: Some policy implications. Paper presented at the first DIFI conference on The Arab family in an Age of Transition: Challenges and Resilience, Qatar Foundation, Doha, 3-4 May.
2014 Going solo: investigating the trajectories of non-partnered women without children in later life., poster presented at the 43rd British Society of Gerontology (BSG), 1-3 September at the University of Southampton. 
Research degree supervision:


Role in team

Thesis title

Gargi Ghosh Principal supervisor

The impact of obesity on health and social care needs among older adults (50+) in England

Francisca Umeh Second supervisor Digital Business Readiness Assessment Framework for Retail SMEs in Lagos, Nigeria