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João Cordeiro

João Cordeiro

Lecturer in Broadcasting and Digital Production
Job title:
Course Leader for BA(Hons) Media Production / Radio and Digital Media
Higher qualifications:

BA in Sound and Image (Catholic University of Portugal)

MSc in Sound Design (Catholic University of Portugal)

PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts (Catholic University of Portugal)

Professional organisations:


João Cordeiro has been developing his artistic, scientific and professional work around the subject of sound, mainly as a tutor, researcher, sound designer and musician. He holds a Master degree in Sound Design and a PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts – specialisation in Computer Music, both awarded by the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto.

His research interests include: social networks, education, live electronics, soundscapes studies and sonic interaction design. He has been a full time teacher in higher education since 2008 and is currently a Lecturer and Course Leader for BA(Hons) Media Production at the London School of Film, Media and Design – University of West London.

Research and scholarly output:



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Journal articles

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Cordeiro J (2008) Produção Executiva de Rádio: Reabilitação do Projecto ‘Bit_Rádio’, Master Dissertation. Portuguese Catholic University.



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