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Dr Samia Oussena

Dr Samia Oussena

Reader in Computing
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Reader in Computing
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British Computer Society (BCS)
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Journal articles

Barn, B., Clark, C.& Oussena, S. (2012) Simulating Enterprise Architecture Models. Infosys Journal of Research, SETLabs Briefings: 3 - 20, 10(3) Model-Based Software Engineering: Some Approaches.

Hyeonsook K., & Oussena, S. (2012) A Case Study on Modelling of Complex Event Processing in Enterprise Architecture, ICEIS (3) 2012: 173-180.

Kramer D., Clark T. & Oussena S. (2011) Platform Independent, Higher-Order, Statically Checked Mobile Applications. International Journal of Design, Analysis and Tool for Circuits and Systems.

Oussena, S. & French, T. (2009) Integrating the Semiotic into UML via Enhancing and Cross- Validating Use Case with an Enriched Domain Model. International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development 1(3): 15-31.

Oussena, S. & Barn, B. (2009) The Pspex project: Creating a Curriculum management domain map.

Conference papers and/ or presentations

Kocurova, A., Oussena, S., Komisarczuk, P. & Clark, T. (2012) Towards Distributed Collaborative Workflow Management for Mobile Devices. In Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis; published in the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing.

Kocurova, A., Oussena, S. & Clark. C. (2012) Applied Metamodelling to Collaborative Authoring, 2nd Workshop on Model Driven Approaches in System Development (FedCSIS/MDASD), Wroclaw, Poland.

Kocurova, A., Oussena, S., Komisarczuk, P. & Clark, T. (2012) Context-Aware Content-Centric Collaborative Workflow Management for Mobile Devices, 2nd International Conference on Advanced Collaborative Networks, Systems and Applications, Venice, Italy.

Clark, T., Barn, B. & Oussena, S. (2012) Presentation: A model based approach to systems requirements for event driven enterprise architecture  Workshop on Model Based Software Engineering at ISEC, Kanpur, India.

Oussena, S., Kim, H. & Clark, T. (2011) Exploiting Student Intervention System Using Data Mining. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management (IMMM) 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

Oussena, S., Sokolowski, E. & Clark, T. (2012) Development of an Intelligent Learning Management System to Support  Student Diversity, ADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA) 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Kramer, D., Kocurova, A., Oussena, S., Clark, T. & Komisarczuk, P. (2011) An extensible, self contained, layered approach to context acquisition. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Middleware for Pervasive Mobile and Embedded Computing,  .

Mather, N. & Oussena, S. (2011) A Reuse-Oriented Product-Line Method for Enterprise Web Portals, 11th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE), Paphos, Cyprus.

Clark T., Barn, B. & Oussena, S. (2011) LEAP: A Precise Lightweight Framework for Enterprise Architecture, 4th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC 2011), Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Kramer D., Clark T. & Oussena S. (2010) MobDSL: A Domain Specific Language for multiple mobile platform deployment, IEEE International Conference on Networked Embedded Systems for Enterprise Applications (NESEA), Suzhou, China.

Zhang, Y., Oussena, S., Clark, T. & Kim, H. (2010) Use of Data Mining to improve student Retention in HE—A Case Study, 12th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), Funchal-Madeira, Portugal.

Hyeonsook, K., Zhang, Y., Oussena, S. & Clark, T. (2010) Automatic Generation of Data Merging Program Codes, 5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2010), Athens, Greece.

Hyeonsook, K., Zhang, Y., Oussena, S. & Clark, T. (2009) A Case Study on Model Driven Data Integration for Data Centric Software Development, ACM 1st International Workshop on Data-intensive Software Management and Mining (DSMM), Hong Kong, China.

Barn, B., Oussena, S. & Barn, R. (2009) A Mobile Social Software Application To Support Work Based Learning In Social Work, ADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA), Rome, Italy.

Oussena, S., Barn, B. & Sparks, D. (2009) A Framework for testing SOA Applications, 4th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT) 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Zhang, P., Oussena, S., Wills, G.,  Kramer, D. & Barn, B. (2009) An E-learning Support Toolkit for Social Work Students on Placement, ADIS International Conference 2009, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Spain.

Oussena, S. & Barn, B. (2009) Layered Process Models: Analysis and Implementation (using MDA principles), ICEIS Conference 2009, Milan, Italy.

Moore, J., Oussena, S. & Zhang, P. (2009) A portable document search engine to support off-line mobile learning, IADIS Mobile Learning Conference, Rome, Italy.

Barn, B. & Oussena, S. (2008)  BPMN, Toolsets and Methodology: A case study of business process management in higher education, 17th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD 2008), Paphos, Cyprus.

Hijon-Neira, R., Barn, B. & Oussena, S. (2008) A Comparative Study on the Analysis of Students Interactions in e-Learning. In Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2008), Santander, Spain.

Oussena, S. & French, T. (2008) Integrating the Semiotic into UML via Enhancing and Cross- validating Use Case with an Enriched Domain Model, Socio-tech ID Workshop: New Insights into Interaction Design, BCS Interaction & Socio-technical Specialist Groups, London, UK.

Oussena, S. (2007) Supporting a continuous feedback process, 7th Higher Education Academy Annual Conference on the Teaching of Computing, Dublin, Ireland.

Oussena, S., Sparks, D. & Barn, B. (2007) BPEL Patterns for Implementing Variations in SOA Applications, 9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), Funchal, Madeira.

Oussena, S. & Dunckley, L. (2007) Adopting Student-Centred Approach to Advance Database Teaching, 24th British National Conference on Databases (BNCOD), Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Oussena, S. & Laurie, B.(2007) Assessing academic achievement and acquisition of expertise in an agile development environment, IADIS Cognition and Explanatory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA), Algarve, Portugal.

Barn, B. & Oussena, S. (2007) Applying Component Concepts to Service Oriented Design: A case study, 2nd International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT), Barcelona, Spain.

Barn, B., Dexter, H., Oussena, S. & Petch, J. (2006) An Approach to Creating Reference Models for SOA from Multiple Processes,  IADIS Conference on Applied Computing, Spain.

Barn, B., Dexter, H. & Oussena, S. & Sparks, D. (2006) SOA MDK: Towards a Method Development Kit for Service Oriented Development, Information Systems Development (ISD), Budapest, Hungary.

Research grants

(2011-2013) Principal investigator for the JISC Internship Program (SIP): a JISC project aiming to build an internship or work experience at  school level. The project will take an enterprise architecture approach.

(2011-2013) Principal investigator for the JISC Course Data (LUCI): a JISC project aiming to provide University of West London course data in XCRI format.  We also aim to provide additional course data information, such as associated peripheral information (eg transport, location, labour market, finance and learning resources, destination leaver employment data, placement or internship data etc.), in a Linked Data format.

(2010-2013) Mammoth KTP. This 2 ½ year project aims to develop a domain specific language to help the company implement a business plan for mobile media applications. 

(2010-2012) Arc KTP: This 2 year project aims to develop a set of portals to ARC records systems. Here we have investigated the use of product lines and model driven development for the development of the enterprise portals.

(2010-2011) Special Interest Group in Intelligent Decision Support in HE. This JISC funded project will organize workshops to determine a future HE strategy for IDS. 

(2010-2011) Realisation and Benefit Project to promote results of MCMS to other HE institutions

(2010) WhizzBike Knowledge Connect. This project will develop a model of the information structures and processes for an SME and implement them using a CMS. 

(2009-2010) Mammoth consultancy. While waiting for the KTP with Mammoth to start, we provided Mammoth with a small consultancy project to develop an iPhone application.

(2008-2010) Principal investigator of the JISC MCMS project. This project has investigated the use of Data Mining to support student learning by detecting situations where early intervention can help retain students. In particular, the project has developed model-based techniques for data integration, produced rules that detect potential student issues and is currently investigating the presentation of results. The project involves collaboration with Birmingham University.  The project has already led to two follow up JISC projects. One is a realisation and benefit project, which aims at disseminating some of our results to the HE sector in the form of a set of workshops. The other project aims to set up a network that address issues related to increased provision of intelligent support systems in HE.

(2009) Principal investigator of Rudiment JISC funded project: This project is developing a model driven approach to co-operative document development. It is a joint project with Manchester University and aims to merge technologies developed at the University of West London and Manchester.

(2009) Mammoth Graphics. Knowledge Connect funded project. This completed project developed an iPhone application for the Tour de France. It has been very successful and has led to a KTP project. In addition it has led to a research topic: Domain Specific Languages for Mobile Platforms, currently being developed in the Centre for MDSE and expected to form the basis for PhD research.

(2009) Lifeline Learning. Knowledge Connect funded project. This completed project developed a model based approach to leaning workflows for a company that provides foreign language tuition. 

(2009) Mobs Ventures: Knowledge Connect funded project. This project is to help a company develop a social networking site that aims to match users against opportunities provided through the public sector. Our expertise in social networking and data mining has helped them re-architect their system. 

(2009) MSona Consultancy. This project is to help a company define the architecture of a platform for delivering services to SMEs via an intelligent modem and cloud computing. The project is ongoing and is in the latter stages of developing a mini-KTP or undertaking the implementation as a consultancy project.

(2007-2009) Co-investigator, project manager of JISC Remora project.  The Remora project aims to provide mobile software toolkits to support work-based learning and assessment for social work students.  The project involved collaboration with Southampton University and Royal Holloway University.

(2006-2009) Co-investigator, project manager and technical architect for the JISC funded Pspex project. The project aims to produce a programme specification domain map for HE. This involves defining informal and formal models of the curriculum management aspects of the programme specifications. The project involved collaboration with Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

(2006-2008) Co-investigator and technical architect for the JISC funded Cova project- specialist in BPMN and SOA  This JISC funded project explores the potential of open source business process management solutions as a viable approach for supporting common administrative processes in HE.  The project involved collaboration with Manchester University and  Manchester Metropolitan University

(2006) Principal investigator for HE Academy funded project “Student feedback tool” project. The project looked at implementing a tool to support online assignments feedback.

(2005-2006) Co-investigator and technical architect for the JISC funded COVARM project – specialist in Service Oriented Architecture, BPEL and database development . The aim of COVARM  was to define a candidate reference model utilising a framework of software services to support a canonical business process for course validation support.  The project involved collaboration with Manchester University, Staffordshire University and Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Research degree supervision:



Role in team

Thesis title

Roland Fortune Principal supervisor Contextual Awareness and Internalised Knowledge for Smart Objects within the Internet of Things (IoT)
Neil Mather Principal supervisor Enabling agile product line engineering with behaviour-driven development
Jack McKenzie Principal supervisor Suitable Software Architecture for Real-time Big Data Analytics using Complex Event Processing
Fehmida Mohamedali Second supervisor Complex Event Processing techniques for conducting time delay measurements between patterns of composite events.
Reema Noon Second supervisor Development of Context-Aware Visualization for Big Data
Elizabeth Sokolowski Principal supervisor Using data analytics to improve group collaboration processes
Gyunesh Osmanov Principal supervisor Achieving data trustworthiness in loT data filtration