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Victoria Tischler

Professor Victoria Tischler

Professor of Arts and Health / Head of Dementia Care Centre
Job title:
Professor of Arts and Health / Head of Dementia Care Centre
Higher qualifications:

BSW (University of New South Wales), PGCHE (University of Nottingham), MSocSci (University of Birmingham), PhD (University of Nottingham)

Professional organisations:
Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)
Associate Fellow (British Psychological Society)
Fellow (Higher Education Academy)


Victoria has worked in clinical, cultural, charity and academic sectors.  She was Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham for 12 years where she retains an honorary position. Her research interests focus on creativity and health, specifically in the area of dementia care. She has built a strong profile in public engagement activities, working with the media, artists and as a curator. She is co-executive editor of Arts and Health. She sits on the scientific advisory board for the Boots UK archive. She is a Trustee for Paintings in Hospitals and external examiner for the University of Manchester. She joined UWL as Professor in January 2017.

Research and scholarly output:

Oyebode, F. & Tischler, V. (2015) Applying narrative to medical education. Medicine and storytelling. In: M. Locher and F. Gygax Narrative Matters in Medical Contexts across Disciplines. John Benjamins ISBN 9789027226600

Tischler, V. (2015) Visual Art and Transformation. In: P. Crawford, B. Brown, C. Baker, V. Tischler, B.Abrams Health Humanities. Palgrave MacMillan ISBN: 9781137282590

Tischler, V. (ed.) (2010) Mental Health, Psychiatry and the Arts: a Teaching Handbook. Oxford: Radcliffe ISBN: 1-84619-373-7

Journal Articles (selected)

Dementia Care

Newman, A., Baber, M, O’Brien, D., Goulding, A., Hedd Jones, C., Howson, T., Jones, C., Parkinson, C., Taylor, K., Tischler, V. & Windle, G. (2016) Carrying out research across the arts and humanities and social sciences: developing the methodology for Dementia and Imagination. Cultural Trends

Windle, G., Newman, A., Burholt, V., Woods, B., O’Brien, D., Baber, M., Hounsome, B., Parkinson, C. & Tischler, V. (2016) Dementia and Imagination: a mixed-methods protocol for arts and science research BMJ Open 6:e011634. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-011634

Griffiths, S., Dening, T., Beer, C. & Tischler, V. (2016) Mementos from Boots multisensory boxes: qualitative evaluation of an intervention for people with dementia: innovative practice. Dementia: the international journal of social research and practice DOI: 10.1177/1471301216672495

Young, R., Tischler, V., Hulbert, S. & Camic, P. (2015) The impact of viewing and making art on verbal fluency and memory in people with dementia in an art gallery setting. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts 9 (4), 368-375

Camic, P., Baker, E. & Tischler, V. (2015) Theorising how art gallery interventions impact people with dementia and their caregivers. The Gerontologist DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnv063

Young, R., Camic, P. & Tischler, V. (2015) The impact of community-based arts and health interventions on cognition in people with dementia: A systematic literature review. Aging and Mental Health http:// 3

Osman, S., Tischler, V. & Schneider, J. (2014) 'Singing for the Brain’: A qualitative study exploring the health and well-being benefits of singing for people with dementia and their carers. Dementia: the international journal of social research and practice. DOI: 10.1177/1471301214556291

Carone, L., Dening, T. & Tischler V. (2014) Football and dementia: a qualitative investigation of a community based sports group for men with early onset dementia. Dementia- the international journal of social research and practice DOI: 10.1177/1471301214560239

Camic, P., Tischler, V. & Pearman, C. (2013) Viewing and Making Together: a multi-session art gallery based intervention for people with dementia and their carers. Aging and Mental Health ISSN 1360-7863.

Medical and Healthcare Education/Medical and Health Humanities

Mills, J. K., Dalleywater, W. J. & Tischler, V. (2014) An assessment of student satisfaction with peer teaching of clinical communication skills. BMC Medical Education DOI: 10.1186/1472-6920-14-217

Tischler, V. (2013) Dr Junkie. The doctor addict in Bulgakov’s Morphine: what are the lessons for contemporary medical education? J of Medical Humanities DOI:10.1007/s10912-013-9259-z

Swift, J., Tischler, V., Markham, S., Gunning, I., Glazebrook. C., Beer, C. & Puhl, R. (2013) Are AntiStigma Films a Useful Strategy for Reducing Weight Bias Among Trainee Healthcare Professionals? Results of a Pilot Randomized Control Trial. Obesity Facts DOI: 10.1159/000348714

Tischler, V., Chopra, A., Nixon, N. & McCormack, L. (2011) Loss and Tomorrow’s Doctors: how the humanities can contribute to personal and professional development. International J of Person Centered Medicine 1 (3), 547-552

Crawford, P., Brown, B., Tischler, V. & Baker, C. (2010) Health Humanities: the future of medical humanities. Mental Health Review Journal 15 (3): 4-10

Tischler, V., Pratten, M. & Ben-Zenou, H. (2010) Seeing within- art and the study of anatomy. Teaching for Integrative Learning. Innovations in University practice. Vol. 4, 143-151 ISBN: 978-0-9563525-4-5 4

Arts and Health

Tischler, V. (2017) ‘It takes me into another dimension’: an evaluation of mental health-themed exhibitions in outdoor urban areas.' Arts and Health 

Tischler, V., Carone, L. & Mistry, J. (2016) The gallery as therapeutic venue: Exploring visitor perceptions in a contemporary art space. J of Applied Arts and Health 7 (1), 37-53

Tischler, V. (2014) Silenced. The impact of mental health themed artwork in a workplace setting. J of Applied Arts and Health. 5 (3), 363-368

Clinical Communication

McDermott, MP., Cobb, MA., Tischler, VA., Robbé, IJ., Dean, RS..  (2017) Evaluating veterinary practitioner perceptions of communication skills and training.  Veterinary Record 180, 305.

McDermott, M., Tischler, V., Cobb, M., Robbe, I. J. & Dean, R. (2015) Veterinarian–Client Communication Skills: Current State, Relevance, and Opportunities for Improvement. J of Veterinary Medical Education 42 (4) 305-314

Whitehead, K., Langley-Evans, S., Tischler, V. & Swift, J. (2014) Assessing communication skills in dietetic consultations: the development of the reliable and valid DIET-COMMS tool. J of Human Nutrition and Dietetics DOI: 10.1111/jhn.12136

Whitehead, K., Langley-Evans, S., Swift, J. & Tischler, V. (2009) Communication skills for behaviour change in dietetic consultations. Views of the profession. J of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 22 (6) 493-500

Social and Community Mental Health/Patient Experience

Thabet, A. A., Abu Tawahina, A., Tischler, V. & Vostanis, P. (2015) PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety among Palestinian Women Victims of Domestic Violence in the Gaza Strip British J of Education, Society and Behavioural Science 11(2), 1-13

Wadman, R., Tischler, V. & Jackson, G. M. (2013) “Everybody Just Thinks I’m Weird”: A Qualitative Exploration of the Psychosocial Experiences of Adolescents with Tourette Syndrome. Child: Care, Health and Development DOI: 10.1111/cch.12033

Sayal, K. & Tischler, V., Coope, C., Robotham, S., Ashworth, M., Day, C., Tylee, A. & Simonoff, E. (2010) Parental help-seeking in primary care for child and adolescent mental health concerns: qualitative study. British J of Psychiatry 197: 476-481

Tischler, V., d’Silva, K., Calton, T., Cheetham, A., & Goring, M. (2010) Involving patients in research: the challenge of patient centeredness. Int. J of Social Psychiatry (56) 6

Tischler, V. (2009) “I’m not coping, I’m surviving”: Understanding coping in a marginalised population. Qualitative Research in Psychology 6 (3), 191-202


Swift, J. A. & Tischler, V. Qualitative research in Nutrition and Dietetics. Getting started (2010) J of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 23(6): 559-566

Joseph, S., Beer, C., Clarke, D. D., Pickersgill, M., Swift, J., Taylor, J. & Tischler, V. (2009) Qualitative research into mental health: reflections on epistemology. Mental Health Review Journal 14 (1), 36-42

Exhibitions and curatorship

Art in the Asylum: creativity and the evolution of psychiatry. Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham (Sept-Nov 2013)



2017 Annual Doctoral Conference, University of West London 'Transdisciplinarity: the future of research' (keynote)

2017 Culture, Health and Wellbeing, Bristol ‘Art in Unusual Spaces’

2016 TAnDem conference, Nottingham ‘Interdisciplinarity in Dementia research’ (keynote)

2016 Wellcome Trust- Engaging Science conference ‘Research Impact in the Arts’

2015 - Art and Dementia, Division of Clinical Psychology, British Psychological Society, London

2013 - Art and Dementia - a visual essay. Culture, Health and Wellbeing, Bristol

2012 - ‘Dillowing in our Armour’: a visual arts intervention for enhanced well-being in dementia care. Qualitative Methods in Mental Health, Nottingham

2012 - ‘The Zone’, video installation commissioned for British Psychological Society, London

2012 - Dr Junkie-opiate addiction in literature. Association for Medical Humanities (AMH), Cork, Ireland

2012 - Music and memory. International Health Humanities. Montclair, USA

2011 - Dr Junkie- Bulgakov’s tale of addiction. Literature and Psychopathology, University of Cadiz, Spain

Research degree supervision:


Role in team

Thesis title

Federica D’Andrea Principal supervisor

Multi-sensory approaches in dementia care

Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith Principal supervisor Exploring the embodied and sensorial experience of clothing in people with dementia using sensory ethnography
Darren Gormley Principal supervisor What are the views and experiences of people living alone with dementia and can photography enable them to create social change?
Fehmida Mohamedali Second supervisor Complex Event Processing techniques for conducting time delay measurements between patterns of composite events.