Lecture series

Neoliberalism, Marketisation and Higher Education

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About the lecture

For the past ten years Professor Brown has been working on the marketisation of higher education (both internationally and in Britain), economic inequality and, most recently, Neoliberalism. This lecture teased out the various connections between them. In particular it showed how, through marketisation, Neoliberalism is having the same effects on higher education as it is in society and the economy more generally. 

The lecture:

  • defined Neoliberalism and what it means especially for goods that are not tradable
  • looked at the impacts of Neoliberalism both generally and for higher education
  • considered how universities and colleges should seek to respond.

It concluded that universities could help to reverse some of the detriments of Neoliberalism but only through a radical change of posture on the part of our institutions and their leaders.

In short, Professor Brown askinged these questions:

  1. What do Neoliberalism and marketisation mean?
  2. What are their effects?
  3. What do we about it?