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From Romans to Victorians

From Romans to Victorians public lecture poster with a female maid preparing a meal

Speaker: Professor Nancy Scanlon MA, PhD

The lecture

This historical search around Britain explored the development of kitchen technology and great house architecture from 1350 to 1865.

From Hadrian’s Wall in AD43 to the historic house of Cragside in 1865, the speaker travelled around Great Britain tracing the development of the architecture and technology of the kitchen in castles and great houses.

Architectural design of the house and how it changes to incorporate the kitchen were also explored, as well as cooking preparation methods as technology changes in the kitchen.

The lectured also touched upon menus and recipes from the Roman settlement at Vindolanda to The Forme of Cury, from King Richard II kitchens to the great houses of Kedleston and Holkham Halls.

About Professor Nancy Loman Scanlon

Professor Nancy Loman Scanlon, MA, PhD; Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Florida International University is a Visiting Scholar at the London Geller School of Hospitality & Tourism.

In the UK she serves on the advisory panel of the International Tourism Partnership. Nancy is an international speaker and author of several hospitality industry books published by John Wiley and Sons in addition to refereed conference presentations, journal and trade articles.