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Stay Cool in the hot weather
Friday 1 July

Please keep yourself cool in the hot weather over the Summer vacation. In the Paul Hamlyn Library, there is air conditioning in the Carol Hehir, Ian Carter and Mollie Clay Rooms and please ask a member of our Customer Experience Team if you wish to have this switched on. Unfortunately, there are no windows that can be opened on the Heart Space side of the library but if you move to the bookshelves side of all three floors or on to the far side of the third floor there are windows that can be opened to provide fresh air and ventilation.  If you are finding the temperatures uncomfortable, we also advise that you take frequent breaks.  A water fountain is available on the ground floor adjacent to the entrance to the library, and you can buy bottled water from the vending machine on the first floor. Catering facilities are open at our St Marys Road site throughout the summer vacation.


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