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The Library offers a service to provide books in alternative formats to disabled students who cannot access printed materials. This service is offered to any student who has a visual impairment, specific learning difficulty or any other condition that makes accessing printed material difficult.

Once you have submitted your form, the Alternative Formats team will be in contact with you about your request and approximate timeframes. Please aim to send in your form as soon as possible to allow maximum time to process your requests.

Students are entitled to use this service for any Essential Reading that they need for their modules. Many reading list books are already available in electronic format through the Library catalogue. These can be accessed when you need them without having to request them.

To access this service, you must be registered with the Disability & Mental Health Team at the University. To register with the team, please visit the Disability Support page.

The Wellbeing Team provides a confidential support service to disabled students and can offer advice and guidance on reasonable adjustments and further support that is available at the University and through extra funding available such as Disabled Students’ Allowances.



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The document will be provided as a PDF, unless otherwise stated
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The document will be provided as a PDF, unless otherwise stated
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The document will be provided as a PDF, unless otherwise stated
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If you haven't yet registered with the Wellbeing Team, please do using the email address at the top of the page
Privacy details

We are committed to protecting your rights and privacy. For full details of how we use your personal information, please see our privacy statement for students and staff read more about our privacy and data protection policies.

In order for Library Services to provide the alternative formats service to you, we will need to share the below information with an external company, RNIB Bookshare, as they provide access to a UK Education Collection of textbooks and materials. 

We will share with them:

  • Your full name
  • Level of student (Undergraduate or Postgraduate)
  • Category of disability
An account will be created for you on the RNIB Bookshare system for you to use for the length of your course. The account and your personal data, as detailed above, will be deleted from the RNIB Bookshare database at the end of your course of study at UWL. All information will be kept confidential in accordance with the University's Data Protection Policy, for further information see the Student Privacy Statement.
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