Widening Participation

Create and Deliver a Workshop or Taster Lecture

Are you interested in creating and delivering your own workshops, and being paid for it? 

The Outreach Team are looking for current UWL students to design and deliver workshops and taster lectures at our on-campus visit days and activities. You will be paid for your time designing the workshop or lecture, within reason, along with your time delivering it. Both are generally incorporated into a larger event, such as a Taster Day, but can occasionally be standalone activities in schools and colleges.


Workshops are designed to involve everyone in the group with practical activities and specific learning aims. They are generally subject specific e.g. relating to your course, or linking to the national school curriculum (Key Stage 3 and 4, Key Stage 5). We are always looking for workshops that show what student life is like.

Duration: between 45 minutes and two hours. The more flexible you are with content the more likely you are to be chosen to deliver, it’s advisable to have extra material that you can add or cut as needed.

Taster lectures

Taster lectures provide a realistic experience of what studying at university would be like, usually delivered in a lecture theatre. Topics can be flexible, providing they either link into your course or the national school curriculum (Key Stage 3 and 4, Key Stage 5) but must be engaging e.g. Mental Health in Films linking to Psychology and Film Studies, The Sociology of Selfies linking to sociology.

Duration: between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Similarly to workshops, it’s best to have flexible material which can be used to extend or reduce the length.

Designing your activity: Important points

There are a number of key factors to consider while creating your activity. What do I want the participants to learn? Who are my audience? Why are they visiting the University, and what are they hoping to gain from it? 

Age range - The table below gives an overview of the learners our team engages with, from 11 year olds through to mature students.

Age Year group Qualifications working towards
11-14  7-9 Class tests, nothing formal
14-16 10-11  GCSE, IGCSE, BTEC
16-18 12-13 A-levels, BTECs, IB
21 and over Mature students, may be attending further education (FE) college Various – Access courses, GCSEs, A-levels, BTECs, NVQs, HNC/D

Accessible – learners with a wide variety of academic abilities participate in all of our activities. All workshops and taster lectures must be suitable for all abilities.

Interactive – our activities are aspiration raising and informative. They should include opportunities for individual and group working e.g. pair work, quizzes, group discussion, class debates. There are many websites that provide ideas to engage learners, looking for teacher resources can be useful.

The Outreach Team are available to discuss your activity and help refine it.

Application process

1. Create your workshop or taster lecture (download guidance, pdf, 97kb and download application form, docx, 29kb
2. Submit it via the online web form - this will be available shortly
3. Wait for a member of the Outreach Team to contact you
4. Once you have been contacted you will be invited to deliver your workshop/taster lecture for the Outreach Team who will provide feedback
5. After it has been approved you will be added to the list of providers, and when opportunities appear you will be approached by the Team 

General information

Pay rate: you will be paid for your prep time, within reason, and the delivery time. 
Time of year: most activities take place between October and July, during weekdays. Certain programmes may take place on Saturdays.
Time of day: during school hours, 09:00 – 16:00