London College of Music

Music Performance, Composition and Musical Theatre facilities

The London College of Music is London's first All Steinway School and features Steinway pianos in all teaching, performance, practice and recording spaces.

37 Steinway pianos

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Performance spaces

Lawrence Hall (used by all subject areas)

A fully equipped 200 seat black box studio theatre featuring a collapsible racked seating system, extensive modular staging, theatre lighting and concert sound systems. Control systems by Ion and Digico. Multiple channel wireless mics by Sennheisser.

Concert level PA is a FBT Line array flown system capable of supporting full amplified concert sound.

The hall features a Steinway Concert Grand piano.

Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall

Vestry Hall (used by all subject areas)

A classical music performance space featuring a Steinway B Concert Grand piano, concert tuned percussion and variable seating for 150.

The hall is connected to Vestry Hall studio 1 to allow recording of concerts and performances. There is a Soundfield Surround microphone installed for ambient surround recording.

Vestry Hall

Vestry Hall

Production studios

Four black box production rooms featuring performance dance floors, ballet barre's, wall mirrors and ¾ drapes. PA and AV support in all rooms. Digital stage pianos by Roland.

Lighting and staging systems to order.

Production Studio

Production Studio

One-to-one teaching pods

Five acoustically isolated teaching pods featuring Roland and Korg digital pianos and mirrors to facilitate one-to-one teaching in voice.

Music practice room

Music practice room

Music performance rooms

All music performance rooms feature drums and backline plus PA support.

Drums by Roland and Pearl. Backline by Marshall, Orange, Line 6, Fender and Gallien-Kruger. Stage pianos by Korg and Roland, synths by Roland and Kurzwiel, PA by Yamaha, ABT and Nexo.

  • Live performance room. This room features a full Nexo PA with a small stage and backline and is a bookable space as well as a teaching environment.
  • Two amplified band performance rooms
  • Two performance teaching and practice rooms with Steinway grand pianos.

Music Performance

Basement practice rooms

  • 12 instrumental practice rooms with Steinway pianos.
  • Three percussion practice and teaching rooms.
  • Percussion rooms feature Pearl kits with recording and playback systems.

Basement Practice

Basement Practice


Media Resource Centre (used by all subject areas)

Extensive portable audio recording systems up to 24 track digital HD recording and portable Focusrite RedNet systems.

Video camera and accessory support, including LED and tungsten lighting systems, track and dolly systems and stedi-cam rigs.

Media Resource Centre

Media Resource Centre