How does Clearing work?

About Clearing

Clearing gives you the chance of attending university in September 2017 even if you don't already have a formal offer elsewhere.

You can use Clearing if you:

  • wish to make an application and already have your exam results
  • didn't receive any offers or have changed your mind about the offers you did receive and wish to apply for a different course
  • didn't meet the conditions of your offers.

Once you have your final results, you can apply through Clearing. Places on courses may fill up fast so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible once you have your results.

If you contact the University of West London regarding a Clearing place we could be able to tell you straight away if your Clearing application has been successful or not.

Get in touch

Call us on:

The hotline is now open. You can contact the team at these times:

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Our phone lines are also open at the weekend on these dates:

  • Saturday 26 - Monday 28 August: 9am - 5pm

You can also fill in our Clearing courses enquiry form (please rotate if you're on a mobile device) to register your interest.

Things to prepare

When you call during Clearing all you need to provide are:

  • Your exam results
  • Your UCAS ID number (if you have one)
  • The name of the courses you're interested in

Our admissions team will be able to review your qualifications then and there to advise which courses you're eligible for.

Choose a course from our Clearing listings and apply today!

For parents and guardians

Read our guide to Clearing for parents and guardians for all the key information about how Clearing works and the opportunities we can provide.