Fees and scholarships

Financial support

Funding your studies and living costs while studying in the UK can seem intimidating. We aim to give you as much information as you need to feel comfortable starting your course at the University of West London.

Below is some information for EU and overseas students looking for financial support. You may also want to visit our International Ambassador Scholarships page for more information on what we can offer our international students.

How it works

If you are looking for funding, you will be categorised as either home, EU or overseas. The funding you can apply for while studying in the UK depends on whether you are classed as a home, EU or overseas student.

Financial support comes from a different governing body to the one deciding which category you belong to for fee payments, so it’s worth being aware of the financial support available to you.

Funding for EU students

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) helps you to find out whether you are classified as a home/EU student. If you are classified as an EU student, you may be entitled to the same funding options available to home students. Some EU students may be treated as home students for funding purposes, if they meet certain requirements.

Please note: If you are studying a distance learning course outside the UK or are applying for support in a UK country other than England different rules and eligibility may apply.

Please also see our EU Referendum statement for information about EU student funding.

Funding for Overseas students

If you don't meet the criteria to be assessed as a home or EU student, you are classed as an overseas student.

If you are an overseas student there is only limited funding available. Take a look at the UKCISA website for more information or see our International Ambassador Scholarships page.

The rules determining your eligibility for funding are complicated and are subject to change. This website cannot cover all circumstances. If you are not sure whether you qualify for funding, please speak to the student advice team or call on +44 (0) 20 8231 2508.

Additional funding information for students with disabilities

The Disability Contingency Fund (DCF) is a discretionary fund intended to help support students with disabilities who are not eligible for statutory funding.

International and EU students are a priority group for DCF. Eligible students may apply for DCF funds to cover the cost of any support provisions they require as a result of their disability, e.g. support workers or specialist equipment. They may also cover the cost of Educational Psychologist Assessments.

Students who would like to apply to the Disability Contingency Fund or who have any other questions about disability support at the University of West London, are advised to contact a Disability Adviser to discuss their requirements.

You can contact the Wellbeing Team confidentially on 020 8231 2739 or email wellbeing.team@uwl.ac.uk.

Please note: DCF cannot be used to contribute towards the costs of tuition fees or maintenance.