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Customer Experience Team

Our Customer Experience Team are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best experience you can from using the library and its services.

We look after the library’s systems for borrowing and returning books, and help maintain the physical environment, shelves and book stock as well as providing a roaming service to give you help and advice where and when you need it.

The Library student experience team

For general help or advice, you can contact us by email at library@uwl.ac.uk, and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can. Or if you wish, please feel free to contact us individually.

Ealing, Paul Hamlyn Library

Customer Experience Librarian – Imran Hussain 020 8231 2109

Customer Experience Supervisor – Rumyana Bakalova 020 8231 2634

Customer Experience Supervisor - Clare Purdy 020 8231 2133

Customer Experience Supervisor - Linda Atom-Ra 020 8231 2189

Customer Experience Supervisor – Vilija Leitanaite 020  8231 2189


Campus Librarian – Emma Rees 020 8209 4470

Head of Customer Experience

Julian Roland 020 8231 2041

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Email us: library@uwl.ac.uk

Call us: 020 8231 2405 (Ealing) or 020 8209 4434 (Reading, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)