Students and staff join International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Empowering activities organised and attended by students and staff have taken place on campus as part of International Women's Day today (Thursday).

March 8 was a day for celebrating the success of women to date and exploring what more can be done to advance the cause of equality. Students and academics at UWL joined the global movement uniting behind #pressforprogress.

Dr Poonam Madar of the School of Law and Criminology led a highly interactive event featuring inspirational speeches by women and plenty of audience participation. Attendees had the chance to create their own affirmations and to make spoken contributions.

Elsewhere, students filled a large board in the Heart Space with inspiring messages which lifted up the important female role models in their lives, with positive messages of support and praise.

Dr Madar said: 'For me, the theme of this year's international women's day is a call for embracing the infinite possibilities women have today. We still face a number of inequalities and there is a long way to go, even though we have made and to continue to make good progress. The event was aiming to make positive change and it was great to see women at UWL showing solidarity.'

Dr Poonam Madar (second right) and UWL students mark International Women's Day

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