The Graduate School


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Students can study for a PhD full-time or part-time.

Full-time students are expected to devote an average of  35 - 40 hours per week to research, whilst part-time students are expected to devote an average 12 - 15 hours per week.

Students may begin their studies in January, May or September.

The maximum periods of registration are as follows:


  • full-time - 48 months maximum
  • part-time - 72 months maximum

Professional Doctorates in Midwifery, Nursing, and Health Sciences are only available for part-time study as they include work-based learning requirements.

See our research degree regulations (pdf, 305 kb).

Find out what courses we offer for:


The University welcomes applications from students who wish to study for an PhD research degree in any of the following subject areas:

College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare

  • Child Health
  • Healthcare Education
  • Infection Prevention and Control (including Healthcare- Associated Infections)
  • HIV/AIDS Epidemiology, Clinical Care, Therapeutics and issues relating to resource limited settings
  • Management in Healthcare
  • Mental Health
  • Midwifery and Women’s Health
  • Nursing Practice
  • Social Policy
  • Translational Medicine

School of Law and Criminology

  • Criminology
  • International Law
  • Sentencing

London School of Film, Media and Design

  • Adaptation Studies, Film Studies, Genre Studies, Popular Fiction
  • Creative Writing
  • Filmmaking, Film Theory, Screen Studies, Gallery and Museum Studies
  • Media Arts, Art and Design History and Cultural History
  • Media History and Theory, Photography History and Theory, Media and Photography Practice
  • Media Studies, Branding, Public Relations, Television, News and Journalism

London College of Music

  • Composition
  • Music/Audio Technology
  • Musicology
  • Record Production

London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Airline and Airport Management
  • Foodservice Operations
  • Hospitality Management
  • Industry Dynamics, Strategy and Internationalisation
  • Reputation, Risk, Relationship and Revenue Management
  • Tourism

School of Computing and Engineering

  • Built Environment
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Computer Networking and Distributed Systems
  • Computing Interaction Design, Usability and Global Software
  • Information Security; Cybersecurity
  • Software Engineering

School of Human and Social Sciences

  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Substance Abuse/Misuse

Claude Littner Business School

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Management

ExPERT Academy

  • Academic Cultures
  • Academic Identity
  • HE Pedagogies
  • Change Theory and Change Management
  • Higher Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Technology-enhanced Learning.

Professional doctorates

Our professional doctorate courses take a new perspective on how learning relates to professional practice.

They are designed to facilitate and enable you as a professional to consider the questions of importance in your setting, and build capacity in you as a professional and researcher to enable you to answer these pressing questions in your workplace.  

For more information on any of our professional doctorate courses, please visit the links below.

Doctor of Health Science
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Doctor of Midwifery
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Doctor of Music (available in four pathways)
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Doctor of Nursing
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