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Bursaries and scholarships
Free travel to campus
Working whilst you study
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Starting university doesn’t have to mean mounting debt and money problems.

At the University of West London, we know how important it is for our students to have their finances in order and we provide a range of funding options and services that can help you with the costs of your studies.

On this page we’ll go through the number of ways you can get financial support throughout your time here.


The most common way to get funding for your degree is to apply for a student loan.

The Student Loans Company offer loans to cover tuition fees and some living costs for UK and EU students living in England. If you are an Overseas/International student, please see our International financial support page

It takes a minimum of six weeks for student loans to be processed so we strongly advise that you apply as early as possible to avoid delays. 

For more information and to check your eligibility read the Student Finance Guide.

Apply for a student loan

Bursaries and scholarships

At the University of West London, we offer a number of bursaries and scholarships that can help towards your course cost.
The great thing about UWL bursaries and scholarships is that many of them come in the form of grants, meaning they don’t have to be paid back.
These range from our UWL Full Time Undergraduate Bursary of £1,500 payable over three years, through to our Path to Success Scholarship of £2,000 paid over four years. There are also a variety of school-specific bursaries and schoarships available too. 
Are you eligible?


Free travel to campus

We know travel in London can be expensive, so that’s why we provide a free shuttle bus between campuses for all our students.
The bus runs a regular weekday service between Ealing Broadway Station and our Brentford site - ideal for students living in our Paragon House accommodation.
It’s just a 10 minute ride from our Brentford site to the Ealing campus and because it’s free, you save up to £3 per return journey.
UWL shuttle bus times

A woman looking up with the word 'job' appearing above her head


Working whilst you study

Getting a part-time job whilst you study can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Working around your studies not only provides extra cash but it can also help you develop transferable skills that can be used in your career. 

Our World of Work team (WOW) can help you find part-time and flexible work, both on campus and in the local area.

For help finding a part-time role, get in touch with the WOW team: 

Tel: 020 8231 2102/2700
Email: pes@uwl.ac.uk


Student Advice Team

We have a team of dedicated Student Advisers that can help you with any questions you may have about funding student life. 
Discretionary Support Fund (DFS)
Even if you’re careful with your money, things can happen that knock you finances off course. 
If you do find yourself in financial difficulties, you may be eligible to receive our Discretionary Support funding.
Get in touch with our Student Advice team to find out more:
Tel: 020 8231 2573 / 2991