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Short courses

Constrcuction plans on paper

Our short courses are designed to provide employers and employees with opportunities to engage with leading edge thinking and technology in a format that is accessible and convenient.

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Introduction to Construction Project Management

Through this course, the candidate will delve into each stage and the critical steps within each. This includes how to plan, organise and control construction operations. All content is designed to give candidates a well-rounded view of construction project management and the essential skills required for managing a construction project.

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Knowledge modelling and elicitation

This course focuses on building the foundations for programming: Structured approach from real world domain knowledge to pseudo code. Knowing versatile processes and techniques to analyse and formalise concepts and relationships in a given application domain is crucial in IT-related jobs and management.

These processes also improve communication between management, IT and software developers. No prior knowledge of requirements elicitation or programming is required.

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Levelling and Vertical Control/ Setting Out

Through this course you will get the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical experience on land surveying exercises. Regular fieldwork practice will enable you to produce a portfolio of land surveying work that will demonstrate your skills and personal development towards a completed knowledge on working with land surveying equipment such as levels and other land surveying equipment.

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