London College of Music

A catch up with LCM alumna, Arhynn

Arhynn Descy studied MMus Film Composition here at LCM. Read her success story below.

Arhynn'I thought you might be interested in what your inspirational teaching all those years ago has lead far.
In the early years of writing music for media, pretty much everything is done with computer samples and if one is lucky, the odd live musician here and there. In great frustration (as my heart is very firmly in orchestral music) I decided earlier this year to hire an orchestra to record a new showreel. My thinking? If I want to get the projects that involve orchestral forces, I need to demonstrate I can actually do the work!
I recorded nine tracks (all brand new bar one) and recorded them at Fames in Macedonia (a London orchestra was way out of my financial reach). It was a 63 piece orchestra and I had one three hour session to record everything, so I recorded the whole orchestra together rather than in individual choirs as is done with much film music now. I then had it mixed and mastered at Air-Edel studio in London with an engineer that I've started working with.
Over a two-month period, I wrote the music, orchestrated it, prepped the score for the orchestra, organised and ran the recording session and supervised the mixing session. All of this was possible (very directly) because of the MMus. So a big thank you to LCM.
Here is a link to the showreel: The music is specifically aimed at getting work as a film composer, rather than being concert music.'


Thanks for the wonderful update Arhynn and best wishes for the future.