Business experts put social media trends in spotlight

Debating in Blast Studio

Business experts and employers have debated the latest trends in digital marketing at the University of West London (UWL), as part of the launch of a new degree for tomorrow’s business professionals, the BSc (Hons) in Social Media Marketing.

Recorded at UWL’s state-of-the-art Blast Radio studio on its Ealing campus site, topics included how social media websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and others continue to change marketing possibilities for companies, how companies can reach new customers and how to build brand awareness using social media. The panel also tackled the skills gap caused by the lack of qualified graduates ready to meet the high business demand for talented digital and social media marketers. 

Joining Dr Suresh Gamlath, Dean of the Claude Littner Business School (CLBS), were Madelyn Postman, director of Grain Creative, Kurt Pittman, digital insight director at Brentford FC, Rajab Ghandour, a business analyst at Smart Solutions, Emmanuel Asideu, marketing lecturer at CLBS, Andrea Moran, UWL’s head of Marketing and Communications and Prof. Dimitrious Rigas, a digital marketing and emerging technologies expert at the School.

Madelyn Postman, Director and co-founder of Grain Creative

Dr Gamlath said: ‘The internet has fundamentally altered the way we shop, how we make our purchasing decisions and how we express our likes or dislikes. Personalised technologies are developing fast - with social media just one example - and there is a younger generation coming to adulthood which has grown up with digital technology and for whom it is a major part of their lives. 

‘The ability of businesses to compete effectively in the digital market landscape is often hampered by the lack of talented staff who have the skills to create new market opportunities through clever use of social media. What this means for businesses is that they are facing a highly complex and a very dynamic future market environment.’

Listen to the debate about digital marketing trends and what they mean for professionals here: 

The panel recognised the innovative approach which UWL’s Claude Littner Business School has taken to help tackle the skills shortage by launching the Social Media Marketing degree. This course is designed to teach students skills which are in high demand by employers, giving them an industry-based learning experience which empowers them to convert their prowess on social media platforms into well-paid careers.

The panel: Emmanuel Asideu, Kurt Pittman, Andrea Moran, Dr Suresh Gamlath, Rajab Ghandour, Madelyn Postman, Prof. Dimitrious Rigas

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