Exploring the fair and the unfair through creative photography

Photography exhibit at the UNFAIRGROUND event

Year two students from the BA (Hons) Photography course held an interactive exhibition displaying their interpretation of the theme UNFAIRGROUND. The exhibit space was divided into two sides representing the fair and the unfair, distinguishing them through lightness (fair) and darkness (unfair).

The UNFAIRGROUND was a multisensory experience complete with fairground tunes and traditional treats of popcorn and candy floss. The twelve students developed their work over the course of their module the Photographic Artefact, lead by John Ingledew, Visiting Professor in Photography and Design.

For many of the students, this project combined a lot of first-time experiences of working collaboratively on a theme and thinking creatively about how to present their work. Student James O'Rourke said:

I gained great experience of how to organise and put on an exhibition. This included working to strict deadlines, teamwork and interpersonal skills and appreciating how important each member of the group is to the overall exhibition.

The event was a great success and gave all the students a taste of what it is like to run an exhibition ahead of their final year project.

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  • Two women looking at a table lit art instillation

    Photo credit: Daniela Dermendzhieva

  • Sign saying 'what is fair?'

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • People looking at a long table covered with photos

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Woman looking at a zoetrope

    Zoe Pagulatos' zoetrope looked into the mixed emotions - fear, excitement, discomfort - that people experience on fairground rides. Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Man looking up at hanging images

    Hugh Gary's exhibit, 'Deathly Hollow' explored the death of the high street, with a focus on butcher shops. Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Cloth-printed images of a face with surgery marks

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • people shining a UV light on photos to reveal a message

    The exhibit by Serrem Kesi Wharton used UV lights to reveal the hidden message within the photos. Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • The mis-fortune teller

    Nikol Gabrovska created her photographs in a 3D effect as Tarot cards and provided 3D glasses for the viewers so they would be able to truly "see" their faith. Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Man looking at a hanging photo exhibit

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Woman looking at an image on an easle

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Man looking at a photo exhibit of images on white t-shirts

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska

  • Table with sodas, popcorn and candy floss

    Photo credit: Aleksandra Bigoszewska