LSFMD BA Commercial Photography students shoot for Superdry

On 8 December, a group of second-year BA Commercial Photography students from the London School of Film, Media and Design visited the flagship Superdry store on Regent Street to receive feedback on their work from Chris Jackson, the company’s Social Media Manager.

For the module ‘Business and Branding’, Lecturer Emilie Sandy had devised a brief with Chris Jackson based on Superdry's current campaign, ‘This Is The Jacket’.

(From left to right) Students Harry Pringle, Lucy Biskin, Maha Zia, Claudia Laxton, Kristupas Mileris, with Chris Jackson and Emilie Sandy (both in the centre).

For Emily, 'Collaborating with a brand such as Superdry was an amazing experience for the students and a great opportunity to get a taste of what is required from a professional brief. All the students have taken on board the importance of brand identity and have successfully accomplished the brief.'

Every student on the module was given a jacket of their choice to photograph. As student Lucy Biskin reflected afterwards, 'Working with Superdry has been an amazing and challenging opportunity – allowing me to create work that I am proud of, whilst working towards a professional brief. Being able to pick the jacket I wanted to photograph as part of Superdry’s campaign definitely got the creative juices flowing. On top of everything else, to be able to receive amazing face-to-face feedback from Superdry about my work and have it featured on their Instagram is a dream come true.'

Fellow student Claudia Laxton added: 'I never imagined that I would be able to collaborate with a brand so soon into studying photography. Fashion photography has always been my biggest interest and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. The course has allowed me to see the opportunities that could await me once I leave university in terms of working with brands, following briefs and having face-to-face feedback sessions.'

Chris Jackson’s verdict was emphatic: ‘The photos from the students are fantastic. They nailed the brief.’ Superdry will be using each student's work on their Instagram feed.