Students explore cyber security and hacking with industry expert at guest lecture

Nick Ioannou in front of University of West London banner

Students had the chance to learn about cyber security from an industry expert with more than 20 years’ experience of fighting online criminals, this week.

Nick Ioannou – who is Head of IT at the architecture studio Radcliffe Groves Partnership and is also a published author on the topic of staying safe online -  delivered a guest lecture entitled; ‘Cyber Security 101: Thinking like a criminal,’ to a packed theatre at the University of West London on 16 February.

On the agenda were the ways in which organised cyber criminals steal information, goods and money by duping victims into installing viruses and malware onto their own computers. Ioannou also set out how computers like those in millions of homes can be protected, as well as encouraging the next generation of programming talent in the audience to beat cyber criminals, in the ‘never ending battle’ to keep everyone’s data safe. Students took the opportunity to learn more in a question and answer session after the presentation.

‘It’s been great to visit the University,’ said Ioannou. ‘The location is very nice and judging by the number of questions the students asked at the end of the talk, I think it went very well. I’m interested in making students think and to apply knowledge to the systems that they create. The next generation of coders need to come up with the solutions for cyber security to make life hard for criminals, which the current generation haven’t been able to do.'

First year computing student, Andrea Bizzotto, was at the guest lecture. He said: ‘The event was good and the lecture by Nick was useful. People need to understand how cyber security threats work, such as via emails from unknown sources. If you know how these things works, then it’s easier to look after yourself.’

Students learn about cyber security with IT expert Nick Ioannou

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