UWL student speaks to the world’s first robot citizen

Sophia, the world's first robot citizen
Sophia, the world's first robot citizen

A student has joined renowned experts investigating incredible advances in technology on two TV shows due to be televised by the international news broadcaster CNN.

Peter Varga, who studies MSc Software Engineering at the School of Computing and Engineering, also met and interacted with the world's first robot citizen, Sophia, during filming for the series  ‘CNN Inspirations,’ at the McLaren Thought Leadership Centre in Surrey.

Filming for the shows ‘Unseen Earth’ and ‘Back to the Future’ focused on the world today and the world of the future, providing Peter with the opportunity to speak with experts including Leroy Chiao, the former NASA astronaut who commanded the International Space Station.

Peter Varga with Leroy Chiao

Peter said: ‘I enjoyed speaking with Sophia as I am very excited about how humanoid robots can recognise and interact with people in the future. And Leroy is a great motivational speaker. He spoke about why it is important to have global unity in space programs and projects, with countries working together to reach a common goal.’

The shows will air on CNN early next year. ‘Unseen Earth’ reveals incredible places and things which are only visible under the most powerful microscopes and the largest satellites. In ‘Back to the Future’, the world’s leading Futurologists explore the major developments in transport, communication, food, fashion and robotics.