Widening Participation

Discovery Days

Students in a lectureWhat's the difference between a lecture and a tutorial?

How many people will be in my class?

Where do I eat my lunch?

Do I have classes at the weekends?

These are all questions which have been asked by school pupils, college students and parents during Discovery Days on campus. Also, in case you were wondering, 

  • A lecture is a structured talk on a subject and is usually given to a large class, a tutorial is a smaller, more flexible setting focusing on discussion and peer learning.
  • Your class size depends on the subject and university - some classes may have 5 people in them, others may have 500!
  • Most universities will have a university canteen and spaces on campus where you can sit and eat food.
  • Again, it depends on the university and your method of study, but usually you will have weekends off to study, work or catch-up on sleep.

Discovery Days are a good way of exploring campus, learning about university through interactive workshops and quizzing our Student Ambassadors about their day-to-day lives as current students. A typical Discovery Day begins at 10:00 and ends at 14:30, these times are flexible depending on the availability and location of the school/college. The minimum time required is three hours for a Discovery Day. These activities focus on developing transferrable skills, linking them to school, university and future careers. A typical Discovery Day programme is below.

Times  Activity            Description


Arrival and beginning your journey! Strange facts about universities, why go to university, subjects quiz


Meet the Student Ambassadors Round robin Q and A with our current students


Campus tour Tour around the campus with the Student Ambassadors
11:15 Activity 1 Bespoke - agreed with school/college contact beforehand eg presentation skills, budgeting, a day in the life of a student
12:00 Lunch Not provided by UWL unless otherwise stated
12:40 Activity 2 Bespoke - agreed with school/college contact beforehand eg subject specific workshop
14:10 Next steps? Summary of the day and possible next steps for learners
14:20 Evaluation Our activities are evaluated by learners and teachers afterwards to ensure they are beneficial
14:30 Hometime  


Discovery Days are suitable for Year 5s upwards.

Topics are bespoke to the visiting school or college, some of our previous days have focused on the subjects below.

  • Student life
  • Budgeting
  • UCAS process
  • Personal statements
  • Presentation skills
  • A day in the life of a student
  • Overview of university and degrees

To book a Discovery Day please email outreachteam@uwl.ac.uk with a list of potential dates that suit your group.