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Jose Rui Veiga

After completing his Music Technology Specialist degree in June 2011, Jose Rui Veiga followed the path started during the Experimental Sound class Jose Rui Veigaduring that academic year: the interaction between different media for music (and audio-visual) production.

Symbiosis was the first of his experiments, where the study of music composition without physical contact to an instrument was achieved making use of programming software (MaxMSP) in combination with Ableton Live in Rewire mode (check the video at

Concluding the relation between these software's was possible, the research for his degree final project began: would it be possible for the movements of a choreographer to trigger not only the sound effects but also the visuals and all elements in a performance? The answer was positive, and this project was presented two months after concluding his degree (August 2011) during a music festival in his hometown, Porto - Portugal. The result was an astonishing performance, which gave name to the project presently leading his professional career: Sinergias (meaning synergies, due to the combined work of all the medias in regard to each other). Have a look at the video on

From that moment most of his work and research was based on how could this symbiotic relation between music, video, and performers / audience be attained, with different approaches for each try. Two other projects were presented so far, each exploring a different method in the quest for the best and most complete presentation.

Right now Sinergias is working on the next (and biggest) project, the 250 years celebration of the iconic tower of Clérigos, in Porto. Keep following the Facebook page ( for more videos and information on this and other inter-media projects.

As a Pro Tools Certified Operator (Post) and Apple Logic Certified Pro, José Rui Veiga also engages in lecturing classes during his free time, teaching sound design and music production, while still being an occasional freelancer Audio Engineer, work he has been doing for the last 15 years.

Jose Rui Veiga

Jose Rui Veiga