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Lotte Mullan

Lotte Mullan, a former BMus Popular Music Performance student at the London College of Music has been generating a buzz from music critics Lotte Mullanaround the release of her debut album 'Plain Jane' through her own record label, Raindog Records.

She worked with a range of different musicians and producers and recorded the album in two weeks.

So far the album has received critical praise with national newspaper the Guardian describing the album as 'exquisite' and music magazine Q stating that Lotte is 'Suffolk's answer to Joni Mitchell'.

The 26 year old's album has also received widespread radio support with local radio, BBC London, Radio 2, 4 and 6 music playing tracks from the album.

Lotte states that her degree at the University's London College of Music helped develop her as an artist and prepare her for music industry, she said:

'The best thing about my degree was meeting other musicians, both staff and pupils.  The emphasis is on playing live and getting out there, which the college always whole heartedly encouraged. I also found a lot of guest lectures and workshops really inspiring and a great opportunity to hear stories and ask questions. The music business lectures have also been very helpful in my negotiating tactics.'

Advice for current students at the University's London College of Music

'Play as much as you can. Collaborate and meet other musicians - don't always just stick to the style you think you like as you can learn so much from looking and playing outside the box. Use the time at the University to find out what you're really good at.'

Commenting on Lotte's success, Sara Raybould said:

'I am delighted with Lotte's achievement as a singer songwriter. She is an inspiration to our current students and is a great example of just what you can achieve with the knowledge base and training offered at the University's London College of Music.'

Lotte Mullan album cover