School of Computing and Engineering

Doctoral Research

The School of Computing and Engineering invites applications for doctoral research in various topic areas. All PhD positions offered here are based in the School of Computing and Engineering.

Research at the University of West London lives in an ecosystem of interdisciplinary research. The School's research is organised in several research groups. Currently we are searching applicants for the following or similar PhD topics. Enquiries are always welcome (see individual PhD topic descriptions for contact details or contact staff members if you are interested in their research).

What we are looking for

The School is looking to recruit candidates of the highest quality, capable of completing their doctoral research within three years (full-time). Candidates should possess a very good postgraduate qualification, be able to demonstrate strong research capabilities and be fluent in spoken and written English. Please see the individual PhD topic descriptions below for details.

PhD positions are typically three year positions (full time) and self-funded. For more information and to apply, please visit the Graduate School page.

Research areas:

Applied project management

Applied sound engineering

Built environment

Built environment pedagogy

  • Employer engagement in civil engineering project-based learning, Indira Chauhan
  • Fostering engagement between construction companies and Higher Education Institutions, Indira Chauhan
  • Drivers and Motivators to University-Industry interaction, Indira Chauhan
  • ‘Work-shadowing’ and its place in preparing students for practical  Building Surveying Skills, Indira Chauhan

Civil engineering

  • Applications of non-destructive testing methods in health monitoring of highway infrastructures (pavement, tunnels and bridges), Professor Amir Alani
  • Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in health monitoring and assessment of trees and soil/tree roots interaction, Professor Amir Alani
  • Fibre reinforced concrete (steel, synthetic and fabric fibre), Professor Amir Alani
  • Time dependent structural reliability analysis of concrete pipes subject to sulphide corrosion, Professor Amir Alani
  • Numerical modelling of concrete degradation due to sulphuric acid attack, Professor Amir Alani
  • Thermal performance and mechanical characteristics of recycled glass concrete and screed for construction purposes, Professor Amir Alani

Civil and environmental engineering

Civil and structural engineering

Cyber security

Distributed computing and systems

Innovation and user experience