Current students

Policies, procedures and regulations

The policy, procedure and regulation documents on this page refers to UWL students.

You can find a copy of the current student handbook further down the page


Academic Offences - Cheating and Plagiarism
Download Academic Offences Regulations (pdf, 24 kb)
Download Form O: Academic Offences 2018-2019 (pdf, 120 kb) or (word, 37 kb)

Academic Progress Policy for US Federal Loan Student (pdf, 467 kb)

Academic Regulations 
Download Academic Regulations 2018-19 (pdf, 2.37 mb)

Download regulations (pdf 243 kb)
Download Appeals documentation: Form A - Appeals Form 2017-2018 (word, 68 kb) or (pdf, 392 kb)
Download Appeals Review documentation: Form A2 - Appeals Review 2017- 2018 (word, 68 kb) or (pdf, 389 kb)

Attendance Monitoring and Engagement (student) policy (pdf, 278 kb)


Student Charter policy (pdf, 94 kb)

Student Code of Conduct
Download policy (pdf, 112kb)

Complaints Procedure policy (students) (pdf, 247 kb)
Download Informal Student Complaint form Stage I (word, 41 kb)
Download Formal Student Complaint form Stage II (word, 28 kb)
Download Formal Student Complain form Stage III (word, 49 kb)

Consideration of Applicants and Students with Criminal Convictions - Regulations (pdf, 334 kb)


Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour (Students)
Download guidance (pdf. 182 kb)

Disclosure and Barring Service Screening Regulations for Students on Courses leading to Professional Registration (pdf, 274 kb)

Disciplinary Regulations (Students) 
Download regulations (pdf, 139 kb)


Equality and Diversity Statement (pdf, 58 kb)

Erasmus+ Exchange Policy for Grade Translation/Conversion
Download policy (pdf, 120 kb)

Extension form - Assessment/Assignment
Download Extension Form (docx, 56 kb) or (pdf, 83kb)

Extensions regulations
Download regulations (pdf 259 kb)
Download Exception Circumstances Regulations (pdf, 999 kb)


Fitness to Practise policy (pdf, 117 kb)

Freedom of Speech and 'No Platform' Policy
See the Student handbook
Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech (pdf, 125 kb)
Process for approving ad hoc room bookings and external speakers (pdf, 87.1 kb)


Glossary and Acronyms
Download Glossary and Acronyms (pdf, 298 kb)


Information assets - acceptable use policy
Download policy (pdf, 83kb)

Information security policy
Download policy (pdf, 235 kb)

Intellectual property rights policy and guidelines for undergraduate students
Download policy (pdf, 85 kb)

Intellectual property rights policy and guidelines for postgraduate students
Download policy (pdf, 86 kb)


UWL Learning Analytics Policy (pdf, 243 kb)


Mitigation Policy and Regulations
Download regulations (pdf 259 kb)
Download Mitigating Circumstances Form - (docx,  41 kb) or
Download Mitigating Circumstances Form - (pdf, 97 kb)


Password policy
Download the Password Policy (pdf, 134kb)

Prevent duty
View the Prevent duty page

Printing and photocopying policy and guidance for students (pdf, 80kb)

Privacy notice
Download policy (pdf, 344kb)

Privacy notice - students 
Download the privacy notice - students (pdf, 344kb)

Privacy and data protection
Visit the Privacy and Data Protection page


Records Management Policy
Download policy (pdf, 200kb)
For detailed record retention schedules, please view the Privacy and Data Protection page


Student Protection Plan (pdf , 185 kb)


UWL Terms and Conditions (pdf, 422 kb)

Tuition Fee Policy
Download policy (pdf, 457kb)

Student handbook: 2018 - 2019

The student handbook has been prepared to provide an easy reference guide to help you find your way around the University's facilities, services and current regulations.

The handbook aims to provide answers to some of the questions you may have during the year, but if you cannot find the answer you need here, it also provides advice on where you can get information and help and who to ask.

You can download the Student Handbook for this academic year from this page.